types of masters degrees in leadership

6 Types of Master’s Degrees in Leadership

The kind of leader that you become begins with who you are. What are your passions, interests and talents? In which topic areas have you already invested time and money in education? Which sector of business, non-profit, or government do you know you like to work in, or do you see yourself excelling in? If you’re unhappy with your current job, which skills can get you into a new avenue of work? These are very important questions to ask when you’re considering the next steps in your educational career.

To ensure that you pour your energy into the right type of Master’s degree in Leadership, you should know your options of Master’s degrees in…

Organizational Leadership (MSOL)
This is one degree that can be applied to truly any organization or business. Versatility is an enormous asset, and a degree that checks this box makes for a good investment. An MSOL degree like the one from Goodwin College provides training in both hard skills (like data-driven decision-making and strategies for negotiating conflict response), as well as soft skills like workplace ethics. Most importantly, with coursework in innovation and organizational change, you can become the type of leader that CEOs, managers and employees alike, look to when a challenge presents itself.

These are just a few reasons why people who earn this degree invest in the opportunity to succeed in roles in business, such as COOs or general and operations managers; in government, like city managers, county administrators or even Mayors or Governors; or in the educational system, like school superintendents and college presidents. At a median pay rate of above $103k, and an 8 percent projected job growth rate through 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that these top executive and corporate officer roles are lucrative and on the rise.

Leadership Development
A people-first degree, earning your Master’s in Leadership Development means becoming an expert in talent management and performance. Your niche would be identifying skillsets, and supporting, and placing individuals in roles and teams in towards successful project management. Capacity-building within organizations would be your major selling point on the job market. As Forbes contributor and Corporate Trainer, Steggan Surdek discusses, the function of capacity building creates a stronger and more resilient organization. This means that when a leader (you) walks away from a finished project (team-building and skill-defining), the system will continue to function thanks to the well-placed and well-trained managers and employees involved. 

Business Management
A business management degree is a traditional choice, teaching students the theory of business through a survey of courses such as accounting, finance, marketing, ethics, business law, general management, organizational behavior, and more. As detailed in a prior article, MBA degrees are broad – and in today’s professional world, employers favor specific skillsets. So, finding what you like within management and focusing on, for example, entrepreneurship or healthcare management, or hospitality or information technology, within an MBA program, can make this degree type more competitive in the field you’d like to pursue. According to the Washington Post, the MBA has fallen on “hard times.” In 2017, full-time MBA programs saw a drop of more than 70% in applications. Shorter program lengths, online learning options (such as with Goodwin’s online Master’s in Leadership), less expensive programs that offer the same credentials and allow students to keep working – these some of the reasons why students are putting their money elsewhere, into a different type of Master’s in Leadership degree.

Cybersecurity and Leadership
Computer-tech geeks unite: there is a master’s degree for you. Cybersecurity degrees make sense for those individuals with a background in technical cyber systems. Learn advanced skills in information assurance, data protection, and network security to qualify for leadership roles in IT. Cybersecurity is a priority in all types of businesses and organizations: from universities to hospitals to police departments, and is often a good career choice for individuals who have a technical background from military experience. Though this type of Master’s degree in Leadership requires specific skills to qualify for admission, the job prospects are fantastic: By 2021, forecasters predict that there will be 3.5 million open cybersecurity jobs.

Public Policy Leadership
If economics and political science are your bag, then you would enjoy a Public Policy Leadership degree program. This type of degree provides students with insight into the inner workings of government agencies, international governing bodies, and advocacy organizations. Students of public policy learn the full spectrum of coalition building and strategy. As the Muse explains, these programs will put your problem-solving skills to hard work, with examples of big policy issues, such as the Social Security trust fund, student loan debt reduction, city resource management, and challenges with the current incarceration system.

A Master’s in Educational Management, or Administration in Education, is a great way for teachers and school administrators to increase their earning potential. These programs focus on policy, specifically for educational institutions. Addressing shifting federal and state rules requires constant flexibility on the part of the institution, and a talented Principal, Assistant Principal, Director, Dean, Chief Academic Officer, Department Head, or Superintendent are the people who teachers and faculty, students and parents look to for direction. If you are passionate about the education system, this is the right degree for you.

The right type of Master’s degree in Leadership will be one that aligns with your interests, career goals, and educational needs. If you are interested in pursuing your Master’s in Organizational Leadership online, please do not hesitate to reach out. Goodwin College is a flexible MSOL program that you can lead to some of the highest paying management jobs. Contact Goodwin College today at 800-889-3282 or visit us online to learn more.