The Perks of Earning Your Master’s in Leadership Online

Take away all the roadblocks that exist between you and earning your master’s degree, and you’ve got yourself a path paved for success! Online leadership programs, like Goodwin College’s Master’s in Organizational Leadership (MSOL), help to obliterate some of the obstacles that stand between you and a bright future.

You can continue working

Once you’re out of an undergraduate program, and you’ve gotten a taste of being in the workforce, pressing pause on your job can seem like a crazy, impossible idea. While you would like to earn your master’s degree and advance into a leadership career, you’ve got big responsibilities now: bills to pay, family members to care for, a home to keep up with. How could you – and why would you – sacrifice a regular income just to go back to school?

You don’t have to. Online higher education is built for the fast-paced world we live in, and programs like Goodwin’s online MSOL degree are designed with your modern life in mind. Do yourself a favor by keeping your job, because with this Master’s in Leadership online program, you can go to school and continue working part- or full-time.

Set your own pace

More than ever, today’s educators understand that every individual learns at their own pace. Certain learners need special modifications. Others require accelerated programs. The expectation is no longer that every student be at the same point of learning simultaneously. So why keep learners chained to a standardized classroom experience? With higher education programs like an online Master’s in Leadership, learners are able to tackle graduate coursework when they can, and at their own pace. Night owls and early birds rejoice: with fully online learning, you’ll never have to suffer through an unbearably early or late class that just doesn’t sync with your internal clock. Need extra time with an assignment? It’s okay; you won’t be holding up others in the classroom by taking it slow. Online learning through Goodwin’s MSOL program is individualized and independent. The benchmarks that you reach along the way will help keep you on track.

Online learning is portable

It might seem weird to some, but maybe you know that you work best from your dining room table. You conduct the most thorough research from your porch. You get your best writing done from a quiet desk in the corner of your home. One of the most amazing things about our modern era is that knowledge is portable. With your laptop or smartphone, there are fewer barriers between you and your online education. So, you can bring your master’s studies with you outside, on the go, or go to school even while staying at home.

Get the best of both worlds with hybrid learning

Tentative about testing the waters of fully online learning? Hoping to network or at least make some new acquaintances while earning your master’s degree? Know that you like getting personal feedback from your professors? Well, luckily for you, Goodwin’s online MSOL program now offers a hybrid format for those seeking some more face-time with peers and teachers.  It’s your choice! You can take leadership classes fully online or combine your online studies with on-campus courses, in order to build your most ideal learning experience.

Get started as soon as you’re ready!

Another great perk to earning your Master’s in Leadership online is that you don’t have to wait for an application and acceptance period. With online courses, there is no set start-time, like with many traditional master’s programs. At Goodwin College, there are no application deadlines, so you can begin your classes at any point in the year and study through the Summer. Goodwin’s MSOL students can complete the program in as few as 20 months, part-time, starting whenever!

Once you’re ready to take the plunge into earning your Master’s in Leadership online, you can. There’s no waiting around as you lose another part of a year. You can get to work on shaping your path into a leadership career, starting now. Check out the admission requirements at Goodwin, preview an application, or get in touch with an admissions officer today by calling 800-889-3282!