Considering a Master’s in Business Management? Further Your Management Skills with an MSOL Degree!

Are you feeling stuck in your current role? Maybe you’re dreaming of a better job, a more satisfying situation, or a different path altogether. Why haven’t you made that change yet? Understandably, it can be scary to take the plunge into a new job. You might even feel that you don’t have the right skills or experience to get to where you want to be. Well, this is the point at which many people just like you consider going back to school. Obtaining a graduate-level education is one way to direct your career path and make change happen. Why wait if you’re not happy now? Earning a Master’s in Business Management, or a Master’s in Organizational Leadership & Management, could be the best career choice you’ll ever make.

People who have their Master’s in Business Administration hold a world-renowned symbol of achievement, and have for a long time. This type of degree is so well known because it has existed now for over 100 years. The first MBA programs were developed around the turn of the century, at Ivy-League universities such as Wharton, Dartmouth, and Harvard. The booming US economy of the first half of the 20th century demanded that more people be trained to manage complex systems related to production and industry. Around the middle of the century, however, the model of MBA programs came under scrutiny. MBA programs were criticized because employers were more frequently finding that students had learned the analytical approach to business, but were graduating with a lack of practical and leadership skills.

In the real world of business, experience and problem-solving trump research and theory.

As a result, the curriculum of many MBA programs was overhauled to include further training of “soft skills” – such as leadership, ethics, and a global perspective on business. Out of this revolution came what you could call, a new and improved MBA model: the Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL). MSOL programs, like the one offered through Goodwin College, equips students with people skills and problem-solving abilities, which are not stressed as highly in MBA equivalents. According to Drew Hansen, a contributor to Forbes whose specialty is leadership and entrepreneurship, MSOL programs produce higher quality leaders than MBA programs.

Now that we understand the fundamental differences between these Master’s in Business Management degrees, we can get back to helping you make a change! So, what types of roles is a person with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership eligible for?

One career that is especially fitting for graduates of an MSOL program (which stresses leadership and problem-solving) is a Human Resources Manager. There are HR departments in almost every organization – large and small, non-profit, for-profit, institutions of higher education, the medical field, the government – every organization tasks an individual or group with the role of administering policies, coordinating processes, and enforcing ethics. For a person with a communicative personality, leadership capability, and big-picture thinking skills, a position in HR would be a great choice. Not only that, but HR managers make an attractive salary of $98k annually, on average.

A Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership also qualifies students for top management roles in health services. This is a fantastic avenue to consider because of its growth prospects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that between 2014 and 2024, the opportunity for jobs in the management of health and medical services is projected to rise 17 percent, and in 2014, the average salary was around $92k. Advancing your career for personal reasons (happiness, satisfaction, etc.) can also be accompanied by a significant pay increase.

Maybe you see yourself doing something a little more self-defined. If you’re the type of person who is constantly thinking on your toes, coming up with business ideas, and engaging others, it’s possible that entrepreneurship could be for you. Regardless of how unique and out-of-the-box you feel your newest high-tech invention or lifestyle app might be, earning a Master’s in Business Management & Organizational Leadership is still a great way to learn the skills you’ll need to take your ideas to the next level. Building a business without experience is like trying to set up a tent on a pond. Rather than risk taking on water immediately, start off on the right foot. Build a raft first!

There’s no need to feel stressed, hopeless, angry, or stuck in your current job situation. Think about your potential and pursue your passions. Going back to school to earn an MSOL degree could unlock a future of possibilities. Get in touch with Goodwin College today by calling 800-889-3282, or learn more online at