Reasons to Pursue Your Master’s in Education

Are you an educator looking to expand your career options and build your resume? Maybe you are a teacher passionate about improving equal access to learning in your classroom, or a member of your school’s leadership team hoping to become principal one day. If so, earning your master’s degree in Education (M.Ed.) may be just the right move to propel your career forward. While pursuing an M.Ed. may sound daunting, at Goodwin University you can earn your degree in one year, completely online! The program was built for working educators with busy lifestyles so you don’t have to put your life on pause to pursue your dreams. Check out these key reasons to pursue your M.Ed.; you may find it’s the exact pathway to success you’ve been looking for.

Advance Your Career

A master’s in Education opens the door to new, diverse, and exciting career opportunities. Are you an expert in your field hoping to share your wealth of knowledge with eager learners but unsure about the teaching process? An M.Ed. can provide you with the skills you need to bring your expertise to the classroom, even if you don’t have a bachelor’s in education. On the other hand, you may already be a skilled teacher hoping to use your knowledge to enhance and develop your school’s curriculum. Or, maybe you are interested in educating and training employees in a business setting. An M.Ed. degree will qualify you for a variety of rewarding careers, including:

  • Corporate Trainer
  • Educational Consultant
  • Educational Administrator
  • Career Counselor
  • Special Education Teacher
  • University Professor
  • Curriculum Specialist

Whether you are in the education world or not, an M.Ed. will provide you with the skills you need to advance your career and bring education to your world.

Make a Difference

In an M.Ed. program, you will learn how to remove barriers and increase access to education by utilizing the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework. UDL is based in cognitive neuroscience and focuses on promoting equal learning opportunities by increasing flexibility in the way students access curriculum, engage with it, and display their understanding. UDL gives all students an equal opportunity to succeed by meeting each student where they are at. While you can use this approach as a special education teacher to help students with disabilities reach their goals, it is also invaluable in any teaching role because everyone learns differently. If you are passionate about helping others meet their full-potential by breaking down barriers and providing equal learning access, an M.Ed. program will absolutely teach you how to make a difference.

Take on a Leadership Role

Our world needs strong educational leaders now more than ever. Are you an educator wanting to put your creativity and desire-for-change into practice at a higher level? As a school leader, you can create a thriving learning environment and develop lifelong relationships with students, staff, and parents alike. But how can you stand out as a qualified candidate for a school administrative position? A master’s degree in Education is required for most educational leadership roles, including school principal, superintendent, and college admissions director. Not only will an M.Ed. qualify you for the part, it will also give you the skills needed to truly make an impact as a leader.

Increase Your Salary

Pursuing a degree to make a difference is a noble cause, but let’s be honest, the potential of a higher salary is exciting too. An M.Ed. gives you the opportunity to make a huge impact as an educator while also making more money. The CONNCAN Teacher Database states that, on average, a teacher with a master’s degree makes $4,000 more than one with only a bachelor’s degree. If you are an educator, it is becoming more and more essential to have your master’s degree for job security and higher pay. Not to mention, those in administrative positions often make significantly more than their counterparts. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a school principal is $98,490 per year. A master’s in Education can lead to a job that is both fulfilling and financially fruitful.

With so many great reasons to pursue your M.Ed. degree, why not get started today? Goodwin University’s online flexible classes allow you to earn your degree in the most convenient way for you. The program’s professors model UDL principals in their own teaching so you can experience how to set up an equitable learning environment first-hand. Start preparing yourself for a brighter future by advancing your education.

If you are ready to start your journey towards an M.Ed degree, reach out to Goodwin University today! For more information call 1-800-889-3282 or visit us online.