Pursue Your Leadership Education at Goodwin College!

In today’s growing business arena, innovative thinkers, promising entrepreneurs, and valued competition are emerging left and right. To become an effective leader today, you must have the skills necessary to stand out. You must be strategic, confident, and humble. You must be able to motivate others and foster a culture of creativity within your organization. You must know the ins and outs of business management to be a valuable asset to your company and their overall success.

If you are looking to advance within your current organization, land a job at the company you’ve always wanted to work for, or even elevate a current employee to a managerial position, leadership education may be your next step towards success. Goodwin’s Management and Leadership training program will teach you what you need to know to get ahead in the burgeoning business world.

The Importance of Leadership Education

Managers are critical assets to company growth. They contribute to higher profits, employee retention, talent development, and team productivity. Truth is, however, only 1 in 5 people in current management roles demonstrate a true talent for managing others. About 2 in 10 managers show a “basic” talent for it, while the others are not yet exhibiting their fullest potential.

At Goodwin College, we aim to fill this gap through formal leadership education. As an accredited, career-driven college in Connecticut, we aim to develop and encourage students’ leadership potential from the moment they walk into our doors. Upon completing our bachelor’s degree program, students are able to analyze effective organizational change; appropriately deliver discipline and constructive criticism within the workplace; integrate communication across multi-cultural perspectives; assess work behavior and appraise performance management systems; foster team-building and a strong company culture; and generate ethical decision-making within an organization.

Our Program for Management and Leadership Education

You may have been born a natural leader. Or, perhaps you have never considered it before – until someone recognized your potential to really become one. No matter your case, the benefits you can reap from a formal leadership education are undeniable. Through our many leadership classes, you can:

  • Learn what the most successful leaders are doing today
  • Develop the skills necessary to become a great leader
  • Improve your communications in the professional world
  • Apply your newly honed skills to real-life situations and practice
  • Transform yourself from “just a manager” to a real, effective leader in the workplace

In time, you will develop all of the skills that employers are looking for in their managers, such as:

  • Communication Skills – Managers and leaders must be able to clearly communicate information and facilitate learning among a diversity of audiences. This also involves delivering effective discipline and clear instructions to other staff members.
  • Critical-Thinking Skills – Critical-thinking skills are essential for managers to assess and address everyday challenges in the workplace. They must be able to evaluate staff, materials, and programs and identify where changes can be made to improve the organization.
  • Decision-Making Skills – Strong managers are responsible for understanding the needs of an organization and making decisions based upon those needs.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Just as business relationships are important for overall success, intrapersonal skills are essential for every manager and leader. Managers are always collaborating and working with others, including team members, trainees, partners, experts, and other leaders.
  • Leadership Skills – Leadership skills include being able to organize, motivate, instruct, and manage other staff members.

Right now, you may be thinking that a leadership education could be a great move for your career. However, working your current job while simultaneously working towards a bachelor’s degree can be tough. We get it – that’s why our management and leadership program is designed for busy bees like yourself.

At Goodwin, you can complete your degree quickly – in as few as 7 ½ weeks – without sacrificing a quality education. For your convenience, our leadership education program is also offered in hybrid and online formats. And if you maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 at Goodwin College, you may be eligible to receive a leadership scholarship of 40% off your tuition!

Why put your career on hold? Learn more about Goodwin College to find out why we’re a leader in our own field! Call us today at 800-889-3282 or visit us at goodwin.edu/leaders.