The Importance of Leadership Education and How to Get Involved

In business, competition is a big deal. In fact, competition probably has the single, strongest influence on businesses. With no market competition, there would be limited choice availability, less price variability, and little reason for businesses to innovate. Competition for the best business jobs is also an expectation in the job market. The good news for aspiring business leaders is that job opportunities, talent recruitment, and hiring are all steadily rising. This leaves the door wide open for promising entrepreneurs and future executives. You just need a high level of education to stand out.

Earning skills that will prove your value is the first step to helping you stand out amongst other high achievers. With a leadership education, you’ll be able to demonstrate your understanding of strategic management, as well as your abilities to make data-driven decisions and manage employees. Enhance your worth with a career-focused leadership education on your resume.

In today’s labor environment, employees are reinventing themselves en-masse. After a harrowing collective experience of living through the COVID-19 pandemic, many unhappy workers found their self-worth and quit unfulfilling jobs. In fact, in November 2021 alone, there were 4.5 million resignations in the U.S. labor force across all industries. You too may feel inspired to make a change.

Perhaps you, too, have experienced enough dissatisfaction to seek a better career path. Or, maybe you now recognize the growth possibilities at your current company. A leadership education at the master’s level – such as Goodwin University’s Master’s in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) – can help you make your next career move with confidence.

Why is a Leadership Education Important?

Many companies promote an ethos of leadership in their culture. From the Customer Service Agent to the Marketing Director, companies experience benefits from individuals in all seats who see themselves as leaders. A staff that is encouraged to think like leaders are:

  • Empowered to make decisions (within the scope of individual roles).
  • Comprised of solution-finders.
  • Team-oriented, constructive communicators.

Forbes feels that all employees should be engaged in leadership training because it results in increased productivity, and this act of attention primps great managers.

If your company isn’t investing in you with leadership training, or if the promotion you’re seeking won’t be on the table within your desired timeline, or you simply want a better job, you can benefit from a formal leadership education.

In truth, internal leadership training activities might not be enough. A master’s degree in Leadership can demonstrate a clear vision for career development, along with an interest in the discipline of management. Not only will you think like a leader, but you’ll also be able to demonstrate advanced leadership skills such as:

  • How to initiate organizational change.
  • Methods for ethical decision-making.
  • Communicating with senior executives, board members, and other key business stakeholders.
  • Negotiation and conflict response.

CEOs, company VPs, and department directors use these complicated business techniques. With a leadership education, you’ll be able to see yourself amongst their ranks.

Evolving as a Business Leader through Education

A master’s in Organizational Leadership is a graduate degree created for the modern leader, with flexible scheduling and extensive career outcomes.

At Goodwin University, the online MSOL degree program can be completed on an accelerated 7.5-week timeline, or in 20-months part-time for those balancing work alongside a leadership education. In either format, you can decide whether the corporate world, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, education administration, or the manufacturing industry fit your long-term goals best. Through a final capstone project, you’ll conduct a case study or engage with a real organization to apply your new leadership knowledge. This is an opportunity to flex all that you’ve learned in your leadership education, including:

  • Communication Skills – Show how you can clearly communicate information, facilitate learning amongst diverse audiences, and apply discipline and instruction effectively.
  • Critical-Thinking Skills – Assess and address everyday challenges in the workplace, such as evaluating staff, resources, and programs. Then, implement improvements.
  • Decision-Making Skills – Demonstrate an understanding of the needs of the organization or business.
  • Interpersonal Skills – Shine as you collaborate well with others, including team members, trainees, partners, experts, and other leaders.
  • Leadership Skills – Be motivational and inspirational while spearheading projects and managing staff.

Goodwin University graduates share that not only were they able to achieve better jobs with their MSOL degree, but they felt fully supported by peers and professors. Their experience helped them make their professional goals a reality: to become impactful leaders.

Learn more about how Goodwin University can foster your growth by requesting more about our MSOL program online, or by calling 800-889-3282.