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6 Meaningful Public Health Leadership Careers [that You Can Land with an MPH]!

Public health leadership is the ability to inspire, influence, and impact contributions that improve community objectives and goals.

Public health leadership is essential to elevate local neighborhoods and entire global populations. By enabling disease and injury prevention initiatives, promoting healthcare education, enacting support for public health policy legislation, and encouraging community partnerships and emergency preparedness, public health leaders implement innovative change and transform the lives of residents on a large scale.

Pivotal to inclusive public health success, strong public health practices actively support accessibility, affordability, effectiveness, efficiency, equity, and social justice.

Public Health Leadership Competencies & Curriculum Content

Commonly, Master’s in Public Health (MPH) programs concentrate on fostering the following leadership capacities in future public health professionals:

  • Assessment accuracy of populations
  • Communication
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • Systems thinking and strategy
  • Personal growth, and
  • Policy development

Graduate-level courses in public health cover advanced topics like law, policy, program planning, research methods, social and behavioral health, applied practical learning, and more.

MPH Fast-Fact: Flexible MPH programs, like the one offered at Goodwin University, allow students to earn their degree entirely online, with options to attend full or part-time. Goodwin is a career-focused institution all about convenience — and MPH students can also choose an accelerated 12–15-month program and decide from three compelling concentrations in community health, global health, or health policy and management.

Upon graduation, Master’s in Public Health students are effectively prepared for leadership roles in various public health careers.

Public Health Leadership Careers That Cater to Communities and Populations

Read on to discover six rewarding public health leadership careers that require an MPH degree and have significant high-salary potential.

1. Biostatistician

  • Professional Responsibilities: Biostatisticians acquire and analyze data from clinical trials and medical procedures — interpreting the information into telling insights for public health programs and policies.
  • Potential Pay Rate: In 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) identified the median annual wage for biostatisticians to be $95,570.

MPH Fast-Fact: Biostatisticians in Connecticut make an average annual wage of $123,490!

2. Disaster and Emergency Specialist

  • Professional Responsibilities: Disaster and emergency specialists gather public health data on the front lines of epidemics, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and more — analyzing data-driven solutions to reduce risk and adapt resolutions accordingly.
  • Potential Pay Rate: In 2021, the BLS acknowledged the median annual wage for disaster and emergency specialists as $76,730.

MPH Fast-Fact: Disaster and emergency specialists in Connecticut make an annual average wage of $99,140!

3. Environmental Policy Analyst

  • Professional Responsibilities: Environmental policy analysts collect environmental data, examine samples and surveys, and guide government officials on global environmental policy, issues, and practical solutions.
  • Potential Pay Rate: As of 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the median yearly wage for environmental policy analysts as $76,530.

MPH Fast-Fact: Environmental policy analysts in Connecticut make an average annual wage of $84,920!

4. Epidemiologist

  • Professional Responsibilities: Epidemiologists investigate the cause of disease, injury, and health outcomes — identifying vulnerable populations and increasing prevention and control. Epidemiologists reduce the population’s risk of public health impairment through community education, environmental contaminant research, and public health policy.
  • Potential Pay Rate: As of 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics declared the median annual wage for epidemiologists to be $78,830.

MPH Fast-Fact: Epidemiologists in Connecticut make an annual average salary of $102,820!

5. Public Health Director

  • Professional Responsibilities: Public health directors manage facility, town, state, or country-wide public health services and programs with the goal of developing budgets, ensuring state and federal laws are in compliance, and holding hearings on public health matters — ultimately improving population well-being.
  • Potential Pay Rate: As of 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics specified the median annual salary for public health directors as $101,340.

MPH Fast-Fact: Public health directors in Connecticut make an average annual salary of $126,790!

6. Public Health Social Worker

  • Professional Responsibilities: Public health social workers advocate for historically disadvantaged communities and connect people to appropriate healthcare. Public health social workers also educate, engage, intervene, and implement public health programs for specific population needs.
  • Potential Pay Rate: As of 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the median annual wage for public health social workers was $74,000!

The high-paying professional opportunities that present themselves when students achieve a Master’s degree in Public Health are beyond hopeful.

Across the globe, MPH graduates are transforming from public health postsecondary learners to promising leaders in the field — making a monumental difference in population health.

Through academics, advocacy, collaboration, and engagement in imperative programs and services, public health leaders use their advanced education and practical skills to highlight substantial healthcare detriments and provide sustainable solutions so communities can lead significantly healthier lives.

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