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The Clear-Cut Advantages of an Organizational Leadership Education

What is the basic operational premise that business, non-profit, and even government, all have in common? The answer is structure, paired with organizational goals. Without a united vision and a structured manner of approaching that goal, operations have no steam, and no propulsion to move forward on a daily, monthly, or annual basis. The Harvard Business Review stresses the importance of organizational leadership skills especially when under a deadline, such as milestone management, active listening, and keeping communication clear, frequent, and positive. Earning an organizational leadership education means that you’ll be well prepared to help plan, build, and reinforce the structural elements that keep your operations on track. You’ll also be poised to motivate teams across the organization towards the common goal.

The skills obtained in a Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program will help develop your leadership acumen to make big decisions and steer the way towards success. You’ll be able to demonstrate that you have what it takes to take the torch and lead! All businesses and organizations could benefit from a talented organizational leadership thinker. Here’s how that person could be you.

A Flexible, Career-Focused Leadership Education

When you head in for your first big-ticket interview, you’ll likely be rehearsing your talking points with each footstep. Saving time to discuss not just your educational program and achievements, but also the decisions behind them, will help your interviewer learn more about you. Take this opportunity to explain that you chose a flexible, online organizational leadership program, perhaps because you wanted to continue working while earning your Master’s degree, or because you have a family at home. Not only does this show that you are motivated, but also that you are an organized, multi-tasking go-getter! Sharing that you selected an MSOL program that caters to the working professional means you’ve had your sights set on your career since day one. Spending just 20 months in school part-time also shows how much you value your time. It demonstrates that they should value you, too.

Leadership School Translates to In-Demand Professional Skills

For skills that translate from the classroom to the boardroom, you’ll want to closely examine what courses you’ll be required to take, as well as what electives are available to you. The graduate leadership curriculum covered by Goodwin University’s MSOL program includes nuts-and-bolts courses like Foundations of Leadership and Talent and Performance Management. Choosing from electives such as Negotiating & Conflict Response or Operations Management Across Organizations will help you gain confidence and will do wonders for shaping your personal leadership style.

In Goodwin University’s organizational leadership school, you’ll also dive into the differences between managing projects using quantitative data, in Data-Driven Decision-Making for Executives, and when to make bold and innovative leaps, in Leading Organizational Change. According to Forbes Coaches Council, which is an advisory group comprised of senior-level executives and leaders, there are 16 top skills that will help aspiring leaders stand out in the workplace of tomorrow. The very first one is “Fearless Agility.” That blend of no-nonsense, figure-based analysis, partnered with an understanding of change implementation, will give you the tools you need to make informed choices, inspire teammates and employees, and to do it fast! In today’s non-stop business environment, flexing the plan to shifting demands is a key talent of successful leaders.

Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

We have all heard this trope time and again: experience is everything. But how do you convey experience when you’re still working on gaining it? Whether you’ve spent ten years in a given industry as a manager, or you are currently in a customer experience role, with Goodwin University’s leadership education program, you’ll have something impressive to discuss. The self-led Leadership Capstone asks students to spend 15 weeks partnering with an external organization or engaged in a simulated case study. Through this process, you’ll show that you have what it takes to address real leadership issues and implement best practices. Pointing towards this leadership project is the perfect example to illustrate your accomplishments, and ultimately, your leadership potential.

You Don’t Have to Break the Bank

If you’re worried about the affordability of a master’s program, you don’t have to be. The organizational leadership education that you can gain at Goodwin University is offered at a competitive cost with other private non-profit colleges in CT. You can find all tuition and fees fully available online. Transparency is important to Goodwin University, because we respect your right to know what you’re spending on education, down to the dollar. Financial aid information is also readily accessible, and we would be happy to discuss your options and review your financial aid application at any time.

When it comes to earning an organizational leadership education, the bottom line is that you are truly investing in your own future. You’ll be considered for jobs that were previously not accessible to you without a master’s degree. After attending an MSOL program, you might simply have the confidence and experience to apply for the roles you’ve always wanted. Aspire to be the best, and request more information at 800-889-3282 or visit us online. We can’t wait to hear from you!