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What is the Right Healthcare Administration Degree Path for Me?

When it comes to careers in healthcare, the image of surgeons going into an operating room or nurses running through a busy ER often comes to mind. However, there are many more career paths within this field.

If you are considering a career in the healthcare industry, you may be thinking about these important roles, such as healthcare administration. Don’t forget – we need professionals who can coordinate healthcare services, just as much as we need doctors. We need dedicated workers who can help the staff of a hospital to operate efficiently and effectively every day. You may be the person for this type of role.

If you are thinking of pursuing healthcare administration, you may be considering your options. You may already be aware that healthcare administrators must obtain a bachelor’s degree before landing their job. It is well worth it, though. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), healthcare administrators earned a median annual salary of $100,980 in 2019. And the future is bright for this profession. The BLS expects employment to grow 32% over the next several years – eight times faster than the average for all occupations!

The question remains, which healthcare administration degree should you pursue? The truth is, you have many choices when it comes to your education. Read on, as we explore some of the different healthcare administration degree paths from which you may choose.

Get Your Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree in Health Administration or Health Science can prepare you for an administrative role. At Goodwin University, you can select Health Science as your major, with a focus on Healthcare Administration. The Health Science program is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide career advancement opportunities to entry-level health practitioners as well as to those who are just starting their careers in healthcare.

In the Healthcare Administration school, students gain knowledge of the business challenges specific to the healthcare delivery system. You will also gain an appreciation of the manager’s role in this complex system.

Healthcare administrators are immersed in multiple areas within a medical center. Because of this expansive work, you must have a wide skill set and understanding of both management and healthcare delivery systems overall. This includes the ability to:

  • Assist with care management
  • Analyze complex information
  • Organize varied tasks
  • Meet employment needs
  • Manage and motivate staff members
  • Comply with healthcare laws
  • Handle budge planning
  • Market their facility
  • Communicate clearly with other health professionals

Goodwin University understands the many demands of students. For added convenience, health science classes are available on campus, online, and in a hybrid of the two. Many in-person classes are offered days, nights, and weekends, too. This way, you can maintain your current job while investing in your future career.

Go for the Master’s

If you already have a bachelor’s degree you may choose to pursue even higher education. There are a couple of different master’s degree programs from which to choose. A master’s degree in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) is one option that can help you reach new heights as a leader – academically, personally, and professionally.

Students of the MSOL program at Goodwin learn the secrets to becoming an effective and committed leader. With coursework in the following areas, you will become a well-rounded leader that will set you up as the perfect candidate in your career as a healthcare administrator:

  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Ethics in the workplace
  • Innovation and strategy
  • Negotiating and conflict response

The MSOL program at Goodwin can be completed in as little as 20 months part time. For convenience, you may choose between a fully online program or a hybrid of online and on-campus format.

If you are currently working as a nurse you can use this educational background as a solid base for your next step in your education. Goodwin’s Master’s in Nursing (MSN) degree can be another healthcare administration degree path for you. The MSN degree may be completed part time, and fully online in as little as 20 months! This way you can earn your degree quickly and conveniently while maintaining your current job and personal life.

The MSN program at Goodwin is special because it focuses on both public health and nursing leadership. These make for the perfect areas of interest for those pursuing a career in healthcare administration.

Prospective students must submit evidence of a current, unencumbered RN license in order to be accepted into the MSN program.

Get on Your Way!

There are many paths to take when considering a healthcare administration degree. Take some time to decide which is right for you, and get to know the school you are considering before enrolling in a program. Once you have earned your degree, you will be well on your way toward a challenging and rewarding career in healthcare administration.

Learn more about the healthcare administration degree options at Goodwin College! Call 800-889-3282 or visit us online today.