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A New Take on the Master’s in Business Leadership

With changing times comes innovation in education. The traditional Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is no longer the premier, and certainly not the only, professional business degree at the graduate level. Actually, the Graduate Management Admissions Council announced officially in 2018 that, though the volume of applications to graduate school in general remains steady, interest in MBA programs in the USA is down by 6.6%. Yet just five years ago, the results of this study reported growth, so this is a very recent and large shift. The fact that 70% of MBA programs are reporting a decline is also significant.

This could be attributed to the rising popularity of alternative master’s in business leadership programs, like the MSOL degree (i.e. Master’s in Organizational Leadership). Why are schools developing specialized programs such as this? Well, education today is no longer regarded as “one-size-fits-all.” Rather, the advantage in obtaining a degree now is all about diversifying one’s skillset. Master’s degrees like the MSOL aren’t designed to match you to a mold. Instead, schools that offer the MSOL, like Goodwin College, understand that making your mark on the business world is a unique endeavor, per each individual.

Like most astute professionals, you know that a tailored degree adds exceptional value to your portfolio. Whether you want to get a better position at your current place of work, or create higher earning potential for your next job search, you need a master’s in business leadership that will round all of the bases. Goodwin College’s MSOL promises to teach you the secrets that will help you be both effective and committed as a leader, no matter your industry.

With a curriculum that teaches communications, data analysis, talent and performance management, leading organizational change, and much more, Goodwin College can help you lay all the groundwork and take a deep dive into these topics. The most important factor to keep in mind here is that these lessons are rooted in the discipline of “leadership,” first and foremost. Sandi Coyne, Program Director of the Goodwin College Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, defines that the difference between the MBA and the MSOL is the definition of focus. The MBA is clearly dictated by the discipline of “business.” If “leadership” is what you hope to take from your master’s degree in business, you’re in the right place.

So, what professional skills and characteristics will you develop with a master’s in business leadership or MSOL? Maybe more importantly: do those leadership skills match what top companies are looking for in candidates today?

LinkedIn, the leading social network for professional connections, highlights the following key high-performance traits that are necessary to succeed in leadership roles:

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Communication Excellence
  • Authenticity
  • Clear Goal-setting and Action-planning Abilities
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Delegation Skills
  • Accountability and Responsibility

With a Master’s degree in business leadership that focuses on these very specific skills, you can be sure to gain a competitive advantage in the current job market. This is an excellent reason why the MSOL is a good choice in both value and investment. Enhance your resume, skillset, credentials, confidence, and network with a degree for the modern leader!

At Goodwin College, we’re here to answer your questions. Give us a call at 800-889-3282, or visit us online today. With rolling admission and simple application requirements, it could be the easiest, as well as the smartest choice you ever make!