connecticut magnet school education

The Magnet Education Difference

Providing a solid education is one of the greatest gifts you can give to a child. An education builds a strong foundation in a child’s life and gives them the knowledge and skills needed to make a valuable impact in our communities. Children are the future, and education makes all the difference.

That is why a magnet education is such an incredible option for children to pursue. Magnet schools are unique in the nurturing and facilitative environment that they provide each student. Furthermore, all magnet schools are focused on five specific pillars that all students can use as their guide to success: academic excellence, diversity, innovative curriculum and professional development, high quality instructional systems, and family and community partnerships. These pillars help guide the magnet education.

Here is why a magnet school education could be extremely beneficial for your child, our future generation and leaders:

Academic Excellence:

Students typically excel in magnet school settings because a magnet education prioritizes academic excellence. Magnet schools not only follow, but also exceed, many of national and state educational standards. In fact, studies have shown that magnet school students not only meet and exceed in core academic areas of achievement, but also gain value from the specialized curriculum and courses offered. The curriculum and magnet school environment prepares students to receive excellent marks and readies them for a lifetime of academic achievement by giving them the tools and knowledge needed to succeed.

Diversity and Inclusion:

Magnet schools are integrated, rather than zone-based, which opens students to a diverse, cultured student body. A magnet education goes beyond textbook learning in that it gives students the opportunity to interact and learn from students of different cultures and backgrounds. This teaches students respect, empathy, and collaboration, all of which are invaluable lessons that can’t always be taught through lectures or by reading a book.

Theme-based Curriculums:

A magnet education is often theme-based, fostering more interest among students. Some of the magnet school themes include: Fine and Performing Arts, Sustainability, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Reggio Emilia, and World Languages. These theme-based curriculums allow students to truly immerse themselves in areas they are passionate about. Furthermore, the curriculum of each magnet school is designed to prepare students for either higher education or real-world experience in these areas of interest.

Hands-on Learning:

Beyond the unique, theme-based education that magnet schools provide, a magnet education puts students at the forefront of their learning experiences, and encourages them to engage with their curriculum. Both Connecticut River Academy and Riverside Magnet School in East Hartford, Connecticut have innovative, state-of-the-art environments that inspire learning. Both magnet schools offer students the technology and resources beyond what a traditional classroom and textbook can offer. These hands-on environments motivate students to engage in their work, and excel in all that they do.

If you want to provide your child with an excellent education, then you may want to consider all the benefits that a magnet school could provide.

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