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How Does an MPH Degree Work?

When considering any degree path, prospective students will wonder: How does the degree work? What can I expect? How will this degree be applicable to future careers? These questions are no exception for those interested in the field of public health. Public health professionals have the extremely important responsibility of helping prevent disease and improve the overall quality of life in communities across the globe 

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven just how invaluable public health workers are to society. The positive, lifesaving impact of their work has never been more evident as they help combat this virus to help save people’s lives. This public health problem has highlighted the need for experienced and educated public health professionals not only now, but also in the future. Therefore, now is the perfect time to pursue an advanced degree in public health. 

Regardless of the specific public health career path you’re eyeing, a Master’s in Public Health can help you achieve your specific goals. If you are interested in the MPH path, the questions mentioned above are most likely going through your mind. You may be wondering ‘how does an MPH work?’ and ‘what can I expect during the program and after?’. Here is some helpful information that will give you an idea of what to expect with this advanced degree and beyond. 

How does an MPH work in terms of program structure?  

Each educational institution will differ in the structure of their MPH program. However, you will want to choose an MPH degree with a curriculum that focuses on core public health topics such as epidemiology, biostatistics and resource management within local and global communities. MPH classes are designed to build your knowledge and skillsets of real-world issues and concepts that affect the field. Some potential classes that students could take in an MPH program focus on public health policy, ethics, research methods, social and behavioral sciences, emerging infectious diseases, and public health preparedness – among many others. 

In terms of program structure and format, this will also vary depending on the college or university. Some programs offer only in-person courses, some offer a mix of in-person and online, and some offer their programs entirely online. It is no secret that there has been a shift from in-person to online study, given the current pandemic we are all facing. Beyond the health and safety protection that online classes are providing now, online programs also offer full flexibility for working professionals. Online MPH programs still allow you to participate in rich class dialogue through online discussion boards, while having the flexibility to complete your coursework at your own convenience.  

At Goodwin, the MPH program works on a very flexible format. Students have the option to complete their classes on an accelerated schedule, and fulfill their coursework entirely online. This allows them to maintain other obligations, such as work, while earning a degree—which we understand the importance of in a graduate program. 

How does an MPH work in terms of career advancement? 

There have been many advancements in the field of public health, from controlling and preventing diseases such as measles, to improving the lives of mothers and babies through education about proper nutrition. Public health has played a huge part in these types of achievements, and careers will continue to grow as the need for disease prevention and healthy living programs evolve in communities. Fortunately, an MPH degree will qualify you for advanced positions that support these types of programs. MPH graduates could pursue public health careers such as a biostatician, disaster and emergency specialist, epidemiologist, public health director, among many others that will leave a lasting impression in the world we live. 

How does an MPH work in terms of ongoing career support? 

Beyond the experience and education a Master’s in Public Health will provide you, an MPH program will also come with resources to support you throughout your career long after graduation. An MPH will help you qualify for many advanced positions that you may be interested in, however, as with most industries in this day and age, changing jobs multiple times may be inevitable as you climb up your career ladder. Fortunately, many MPH programs, like the one here at Goodwin University, are there to support you and your career long after earning your degree. Goodwin offers graduates a lifetime of career services. The career services team is available to help with anything you need including resume and cover letter writing, mock interviewing, individual counseling, and networking opportunities.   

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