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What Different Business Majors are Available at Goodwin’s Business School?

The business world is constantly evolving. It has experienced many changes throughout the years – particularly with technology and social media changing the way we live. If you have an interest in a career in business, you will want to be prepared for this exciting and competitive industry. 

Whether you are looking to launch a new career, or you already work in a business-related role, you may want to pursue a college degree. This is a smart investment for your future. Business-related majors lead to some of the highest paying careers. In fact, according to PayScale, they rank in the top 10 highest-earning majors. But how do you reach your career goals? And what exactly should you be studying to do so? Read on, as we explore different business majors available to you, as you embark on this exciting journey toward success. 

Before you begin your degree program, you will want to find the right business school for you. Are you looking to climb the corporate ladder at your current company? Do you feel that you are an entrepreneur at heart, and dream of starting your own business? Before you consider business school majors, you will want to find the school that aligns with your goals and can fit into your busy life. Goodwin University is a business school in CT that is offers multiple programs for the many paths that students choose to pursue. These majors can work for students with entrepreneurial hearts and leadership dreams alike. 

Business Administration 

At Goodwin University, students can pursue a Business Administration major at the bachelor’s degree, associate degree, or certificate level. This major helps students develop key skills that employers are looking for in business professionals today – such as planning, leadership, and development. Students in this program learn how to: 

  • Manage a team/staff 
  • Access and allocate resources 
  • Process information to make strategic decisions 
  • Communicate clearly and concisely 

These skills are universal and may be applied within any business setting. 

The courses in the Business Administration program are offered days, nights, and weekends, too. Students may choose to study on-campus, online, or in a hybrid format of the two. Goodwin is all about convenience, so you can study on your own time and create a schedule that suits your needs. 

Management and Leadership 

If you’re ready to take hold of your future and rise to lead a company – or, perhaps, start your own – you may be looking for something with more managerial preparation. The Management and Leadership program at Goodwin prepares students for advancing in an organization. With proper management and leadership training, students learn to manage innovation, change, and talent development. You will also master the following skills that employers are looking for: 

  • Communication 
  • Employee development 
  • Ethics 
  • Facilitating change 
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Leadership 
  • Mentoring 
  • Supervision 
  • Teamwork 

All classes in the Management and Leadership program at Goodwin are live-streamed, so you never have to miss a lecture because of your work schedule or family obligations. 

Organizational Leadership (MSOL) 

Anyone looking to advance to great success within the business field may consider pursuing a master’s degree. Goodwin’s Master’s in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program may be the path you are meant to take. This program helps students looking to make a positive impact in organizational culture, communication, and talent and performance management. Along with your peers, you will learn the ins-and-outs of becoming an effective and committed leader. The coursework for this program includes: 

  • Data-driven decision-making 
  • Ethics in the workplace 
  • Innovation and strategy 
  • Negotiating and conflict response 

With this master’s degree, you will become a well-rounded leader – not to mention highly sought-after candidate – that modern employers want on their team. 

The MSOL program at Goodwin University may be completed in as little as 20-months part time. This is available in a fully online or hybrid online/on-campus format, 

No matter what business school major you choose to pursue, the future is bright for you. Once you take that step toward investing in your future, you are on your way to success. And the Career Services team at Goodwin makes sure of it. Our staff offers free assistance with resume writing, job interviewing, and even networking opportunities. We do not rest until you are in a job that you love. 

Are you ready to jumpstart your career in business? Learn more about the programs offered at Goodwin University by calling 1-800-889-3282, or visit us online today.