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Top Reasons to Attend a Healthcare School in Connecticut

In 2022, Connecticut was ranked among the top three places for healthcare services in the nation by U.S. News. And, of the 4,500 hospitals ranked nationwide, Connecticut was named home to three of the best. It’s clear that Connecticut boasts high-grade patient care providers, as well as first-rate career opportunities for aspiring healthcare professionals in the state.

If you are researching healthcare schools in Connecticut, and looking to become a practitioner, you are making a great choice. U.S. News reports that, in Connecticut, healthcare services are accessible, population health is promising, and the state’s quality of healthcare is high.

But let’s delve into this a bit more.

Top Reasons to Pursue a Healthcare Degree in Connecticut

1. You can work at leading hospitals and practices.

Connecticut’s healthcare system is the third-best in the United States. If you choose to pursue a healthcare career—whether as a registered nurse, laboratory technician, or medical practitioner—you can rest assured that you will have the opportunity to rank in top-rated hospitals.

Some of the best hospitals in Connecticut include Yale New Haven Hospital, Hartford Hospital, and St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, also located in Hartford. These institutions have been listed by U.S. News with high-performing designations across concentrations like cancer surgery, heart conditions, stroke, maternity care, and orthopedics, to name a few. If you desire to join a team of reputable doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals, Connecticut is a great place to launch a career. Not only can you work in leading institutions like the above, you can also network with highly-regarded providers who can help inspire and steer your own career path.

2. You can work with some of the latest medical innovations.

Connecticut is not just recognized for its strong healthcare system—manufacturing is at the heart of the state’s economy, too. How are these two fields connected, you might ask? Manufacturing helps advance the field of medicine by expanding the technologies and equipment available to providers. Specifically, in Connecticut, you will find manufacturing leaders like PerkinElmer (lab, imaging, and diagnostic solutions) and the U.S. Surgical Corporation headquarters (specializing in surgical devices, instruments, sutures, and specialty healthcare solutions).

But this is not all. Connecticut is also home to major pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Boehringer Ingelheim—companies that spend more than $6 billion annually on biotechnology. This is all to say that, when you establish a healthcare career in Connecticut, you can expect to be on the forefront of change and technological advancements in medicine.

3. Healthcare schools in Connecticut are also top-rated.

Connecticut is ranked among the top 10 states for education. While this encompasses education across the lifespan, it is a great indicator of the opportunity available in Connecticut. Connecticut has a variety of colleges and universities to choose from, with programmatic specialties spanning the field of health and medicine. At Goodwin University, for example, students can pursue career-focused programs like:

  • Registered Nursing
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Health Science
  • Medical Assisting
  • Occupational Therapy Assisting
  • Respiratory Care
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Funeral Service
  • Public Health
  • Mental Health Nursing

Due to the surrounding hospitals and medical laboratories, there is another clear benefit to pursuing an education in this state: Healthcare schools across Connecticut partner with leading employers to ensure students fulfill meaningful internships during their programs and career opportunities after graduation. For example, at Goodwin University, aspiring healthcare professionals can pursue practical experiences (and careers) in recognized institutions such as:

  • Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
  • Hartford Hospital
  • Saint Francis Hospital
  • New England Urgent Care
  • Hartford Cardiology
  • Access Healthcare
  • And more.

Learn about some of the various internship experiences available here, as well as our career services available to current students and alumni.

What to Consider When Researching Healthcare Schools in CT

Now that you understand the potential value in attending a healthcare school in Connecticut, it’s time to begin your research. Each college and university will boast different program offerings, so it is important to find a school that aligns best with your interests and career goals. For example, if you desire to become a registered nurse (RN), it’s important to seek an accredited nursing school with a variety of degree options for prospective nurses. This is the most important consideration when assessing schools.
In addition to finding a healthcare school that offers your desired program, here are some other key factors to look for during the research phase.


Always make sure the school and program you choose is accredited by a reputable organization. Accreditation is often necessary when applying for professional credentials, medical licenses, and advanced careers. Essentially, accreditation ensures that a school (or program) meets the highest standards in terms of their faculty, coursework, and student success.


Choosing to pursue a career in health and medicine does not need to mean years of medical school. If you have a family at home, or career to maintain, you may wish to seek a school that offers you flexible scheduling options. For example, you can find healthcare programs offered in standard and accelerated formats. You may find that there are part-time and full-time course options available. Additionally, some healthcare schools offer online or hybrid classes as part of their flexible options.


In part with flexibility, you may also consider thinking about the location of each prospective school. If you’re taking in-person/on-campus classes, consider a centralized location that is accessible for you. Further, consider a school that is central to internship and job opportunities. For example, Hartford is home to several top-ranked hospitals and outpatient clinics – You may consider a school in the Greater Hartford area that offers convenience and connectivity to these places of work.

Student Success:

If you are researching prospective healthcare schools in CT, one of the best ways to assess credibility is by hearing from students themselves. Ask each school’s admissions team if you can read testimonials from students in your program of choice (or, even better, speak with current students about the program). This will allow you the chance to ask questions and get a feel for the school’s mission and priorities, from individuals who are walking a similar pathway as you.

Here are some examples of testimonials from Goodwin healthcare students:

Janis McMaster, Respiratory Care: “They say that the most important day of school is the first day. From the first day in the Respiratory Care Program at Goodwin, I felt a sense of encouragement and reassurance from the program director, clinical instructors, and even my classmates. I do not think I would have been as successful anywhere else. This program allowed me to recreate myself and my life, giving me the freedom to spend time with my children, make new friends, and have a new rewarding career.”

Jaime Aniskoff, BSN, RN: “Goodwin University prepared me for my career as an RN by offering wonderful clinical site opportunities. I was able to learn in a variety of settings including skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, schools, and clinics.”

Tatyana Vega, Occupational Therapy Assisting: “Goodwin has given me the opportunity to grow my skills and confidence so I can reach my career goals. The professors provide a flexible, supportive, and structured environment, challenging me in ways that ensure I succeed in becoming an Occupational Therapy Assistant. Each class provides hands-on learning that encourages students to build new skills and work as a team. The knowledge I’ve gained in the OTA program has prepared me to enhance the quality of life for others as an OTA.”

J.M. Adams, MPH: “The Master of Public Health (MPH) program at Goodwin University helped me to fulfill a long-term personal desire to obtain my master’s degree. I had my Bachelor of Science in Public Health, and Goodwin’s accelerated MPH program allowed me the opportunity to obtain my master’s degree in one year. The professors were knowledgeable and interactive, and the diverse student cohorts of various cultures, backgrounds, and disciplines were meaningful and educational.”

Learn more about choosing the right healthcare college here.

Choosing the Right Healthcare Program for You

Connecticut is an excellent place to launch a career in health and medicine. The question you must answer is, where will you begin your journey? Not only is Connecticut home to a myriad of reputable healthcare organizations, but also offers leading postsecondary programs in health and medicine.

If you are seeking a healthcare school that is central to Hartford Connecticut, that offers a broad range of specializations and degree options, and that is focused on ensuring students succeed through flexible and affordable programs, Goodwin University may be the right choice for you.

Learn about our healthcare degree programs online here, where you can request even more information.