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Unfolding the Healthcare Administration Career Path

If you are interested in working in an administrative role, and want a career in the healthcare field, you may be considering a degree in Healthcare Administration. The world of healthcare is vast and ever growing. Not only do we need doctors and nurses, we also need office professionals who, although they don’t work directly with patients, are critical to the field. These are the people who maintain records, manage facilities, direct services, coordinate finances, and ultimately help doctors do their job.

Healthcare administration is also a promising role. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary of healthcare administrators is $99,730. And the future is bright. In the United States, employment of these professionals is expected to grow 18 percent over the next several years. Healthcare needs people like you who can help run the show!

But what are the requirements to getting started in healthcare administration? How does one prepare for this kind of work? And what are some of the career opportunities available in this field? Read on as we explore the health administration career path.

How does one enter healthcare administration?

To become a healthcare administrator, you’ll need to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree. Employers typically require a relevant bachelor’s degree, such as a bachelor’s degree in Health Science or related, leadership-focused coursework. The Bachelor’s in Health Science at Goodwin College offers a Health Administration track for students. Through this path, students acquire knowledge of the business challenges specific to healthcare, and gain a deeper appreciation of the manager’s role.

Healthcare administrators are quite involved with a variety of areas within a medical center. Because of this, they must have a wide skill set and understanding of both management and healthcare delivery systems overall. This includes the ability to:

  • Assist with case management
  • Analyze complex information
  • Organize varied tasks
  • Meet employee needs
  • Manage and motivate staff members
  • Comply with healthcare laws
  • Handle budget planning
  • Market their facility
  • Communicate clearly with other health professionals

A bachelor’s degree with a specialization in healthcare administration will prepare you and help you land (as well as succeed in) a great career.

What types of classes will you study?

As you set out on the healthcare administration career path, you may be curious about the coursework ahead. Since this is a multifaceted field, you want a program that will offer you a diverse, well-rounded curriculum covering all aspects of the healthcare field. At Goodwin College, for example, students enrolled in the healthcare administration track blend business-related courses with classes in public health, medical terminology, and medical ethics and law. Some of the classes include:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Management
  • Introduction to Healthcare
  • Human Resource Management
  • Health Administration
  • Public Health Personnel and Administration
  • Business Planning and Development
  • Medical Terminology
  • Ethics in Public Health

When you work on your health science degree on the healthcare administration track, you also study applied accounting, strategic planning, and the administration of long-term care. This curriculum gives you the basics needed to cover the business end of an administrative role. It will also help you move up the ladder and become a leader in the field.

Various Types of Healthcare Administration Careers

Healthcare administration represents the business side of the medical world. With a bachelor’s degree in Health Science, you can pursue exciting careers such as:

  • Medical office manager
  • Healthcare HR manager
  • Nursing home administrator or administrative assistant
  • Medical reimbursement specialist
  • Laboratory manager

Healthcare administrators are also known as healthcare executives or health services managers. They are the behind-the-scenes force, behind the medical facility. They work hard to coordinate, direct, manage, and plan medical services within an organization. They also oversee facility operations and ensure that everything is running smoothly across major, administrative departments. Healthcare administrators often work to minimize costs and maximize efficiencies within a medical facility, and simultaneously ensure that their team is providing quality care.

Getting Started

With a focus on convenience, it’s easier than ever to jumpstart your career. Goodwin’s health science program is available on campus, online, and in a hybrid format. Many classes are offered on days, nights, and weekends too, so that you can still maintain work and family obligations while earning your degree. Unlike many other healthcare administration schools, Goodwin is all about flexibility.

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