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How to Choose the Best Nursing College for You

If you live in Connecticut, you can easily see the world of opportunity that lies within the field of nursing. Home of nationally-ranked healthcare centers like Yale New Haven Hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, and high-performing institutions like Hartford Hospital and St. Francis Hospital, you’re surrounded by achievement of local medical teams. That means a few good things – satisfied patients, talented nurses, and importantly, opportunity for you to grow and thrive as a nurse!

It might seem like an impossible number, but in fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that almost 31,400 Registered Nurses (RNs) were employed in Connecticut as of May 2018. Joining this incredible workforce as a nurse could be a decision of this lifetime. But where do you start? Enrolling in the best nursing college possible – one that aligns with your wants and needs – is a step in the right direction.

Getting started as a nurse begins with a strong foundation of education. Before you become a student of nursing, you’ll want to weigh your options. What is most important to you, to have as a component of your degree program? To find the best nursing college program for you, consider some of the following factors.

Your Career Goals
Think about your career goals, and whether the nursing college you’re pursuing can get you there. The best nursing colleges leave room for growth, with multiple degree options for aspiring RNs. This allows you to start with the minimum degree requirement, as well as pursue a bachelor’s in Nursing (BSN), or even a master’s degree (MSN).

No matter what kind of job you’re reaching for – a Registered Nurse in a hospital, at a local school, in a private practice or home care, or even a nurse educator – you’re going to need to start with the basics. An associate degree in nursing sets you up with theoretical nursing knowledge (including ethical, legal, and regulatory frameworks), while also providing you with opportunities for hands-on experience in patient care. After 20 months of studying part-time, graduating, and earning your CT RN licensure, you’ll get a leg up into career options such as working in doctor’s offices, hospitals, long term care, nurse management, and much more.

Once you’ve gotten your feet wet with some experience, you can consider leveling up with an RN-to-BSN program, which can be taken part-time and completed in 16 months at Goodwin College. With your BSN degree, you’ll become eligible for more advanced roles in these same healthcare settings – check out some of the possibilities here. Being career-minded means that your plan for success is always a couple steps ahead. So, what’s next for you? Simply mapping it out can be a major motivator, and can help you in choosing the best nursing college for you.

Flexibility & Affordability
Do you want a campus experience out of your undergraduate nursing program? Or would you prefer to buckle down at home, online, after work-hours? There is truly no wrong answer. However, there are some major differences that could help you make an informed choice. Most associate nursing programs are offered on-campus and in a structured format, so that you can gain clinical experience in the field. Depending on the college, these programs may be offered part- and full-time. Several nursing colleges will offer online and flexible BSN programs, as well, making it easy to advance your nursing education. For example, Goodwin’s RN-to-BSN program is offered entirely online, as well as our MSN degree.

We understand it may, or may not, be possible, reasonable, or desirable for you to put aside a job and family life in order to make your education a priority. You may need more flexible options with the BSN college you choose. Because you have other priorities, you may need a more affordable college, as well.

Traditional, full-time nursing programs come at a higher cost, while online or hybrid programs are often more affordable. Campus life, full of extra-curriculars, sports, and more, are alluring for many. Yet, it is still possible to take advantage of student life and valuable networking without a “quad.”

Part of selecting the best nursing college for your individual needs involves being reasonable, which often requires transparency at the outset. One of the greatest things about Goodwin College, is that it operates on a fixed tuition model, which means that you will enter your program knowing exactly how much it will cost you upon completion. Goodwin College also offers one of the lowest tuition costs for private, non-profit colleges in Connecticut. What’s the best deal that you can get out of college? Less debt! Graduate from a position of power, and into a more secure future.

Long-term Support
Some colleges offer a handshake in exchange for a diploma, and wave goodbye to you forever more. Other colleges continue to hold your hand to ensure your success. Goodwin College’s Career Services department is really at the heart of our mission, because we believe that the whole point of an advanced education, is to improve your career, earning potential, and life! A quick browse through the list of who hires Goodwin graduates shows hundreds of success stories for our nursing students. Just one of the reasons why Goodwin is one of the best nursing colleges in Connecticut.

Ready to select a program that is flexible, affordable, and the best of online and on-campus education? Learning more about Goodwin’s nursing degree programs is just a click or phone call away! Get in touch at 800-889-3282, or even better, sign up for an info session on our RN program.