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Where are They Now? Goodwin Nursing Graduates – From finals week to working the frontlines

Goodwin University nursing graduates, Theresa Macy and Sharon Kyc, both work at Hartford HealthCare as Registered Nurses in their home care division. Since graduating from Goodwin, the two women have had incredible success applying what they’ve learned in the classroom into their communities. Theresa and Sharon have both received numerous positive patient reviews, and were also awarded “Momentum Recognitions” for excellence in patient-centered care and strong clinical skills, and Goodwin faculty and staff couldn’t be more proud.

A Flexible Program That Feels like Family
“I was very impressed with Goodwin when I attended a nursing information session,” Sharon shared. “Everyone was enthusiastic, well-informed to answer all questions, and were so passionate and proud of the nursing program. Their excitement was contagious, and even as someone working full-time, I couldn’t wait to start learning again.”

Both Goodwin graduates credited the flexibility of the program when considering their student success.

“Being a mother to two young children, I found the nursing program at Goodwin to be very flexible,” Theresa detailed. “I was able to work, go to school, and continue to be a good parent.”

“While I was in nursing school, I worked full-time as a social worker,” Sharon stated. “By Goodwin providing evening classes and evening/weekend clinical time slots, I was able to continue to work while attending the program.”

When describing the professors of the University’s nursing program, there was a thin line of distinction between faculty and family. “The professors truly wanted each of us to succeed,” Theresa recalled. “They went out of their way to ensure we got the best experience in our classes and clinicals.”

“I met so many wonderful professors that encouraged me, challenged me, and thoroughly prepared me for the role of a registered nurse,” Sharon explained. “Goodwin has a family atmosphere… everyone I encountered that worked for Goodwin seemed to truly care about the success of each student.”

Real-World Registered Nurses
The National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN©) is a standardized test used to determine whether a nursing student is prepared for entry-level nursing practice. Passing the NCLEX-RN© exam allows nursing students to become licensed as a registered nurse (RN), and they then may begin working in the field, or go on to earn their BSN in an RN-to-BSN Degree Completion program.

When Theresa found out she passed her NCLEX exam, she was sitting with her kids, in her room, on her laptop. Theresa pulled up the website, and they all hit enter on the keyboard together. When it popped up showing she had passed, they were all very excited, together, as a family.

Sharon was with her family, too, when she found out she passed her NCLEX. “I was visiting my brother and niece after a few months of studying hard for the exam,” Sharon described. “It was so nice to get the news while visiting family, especially to see the excitement from my four-year-old-niece, Sydney. She was so proud of me becoming a “real nurse!”

The Power of Healing and Home Care
When asked why they chose home health care over other avenues of nursing, Theresa and Sharon’s love for their patients became clear.

“I love that I can care for people where they are most comfortable,” Theresa explained. “This allows the patients to be more receptive to lifestyle changes, feel more relaxed, and maybe ask questions they may have forgotten while hospitalized. When you can teach patients in an environment they are comfortable in, you get better results.”

“I chose home health care for many reasons,” Sharon recalled. “Delivering care in the comfort of a patient’s home provides the patient with a much higher sense of security and dignity. Home care allows me to get to know my patients and their families much better than a hospital environment, and over a longer time.”

Nurse Residency Program: From academics to application
A nurse residency program, also called nurse immersion program, helps recent nursing graduates transition into clinical practice. Residency programs are an opportunity for graduates to gain confidence in their critical-thinking and evidence-based decision-making skills.

After graduating from Goodwin University, both graduates took part in Hartford HealthCare’s nurse residency program. Both women excelled so much that they were asked to be instructors for the program’s incoming immersion group.

The Strength of Goodwin Graduates
“Goodwin students stand out among their peers,” Sharon stated. “They exhibit strong clinical skills, promote patient-centered, empathetic care, and utilize effective communication skills to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams.”

Memorable New Nurses Awarded Momentum Recognitions
The Goodwin University nursing graduates received stellar Momentum Recognitions from their superiors. The two women were recognized for going above and beyond with their patients. They were also acknowledged for being effective team players, their timeliness in mandated reporting, and strong case management skills. The Goodwin graduates were also commended for completing all required nursing skills within the first six months of employment.

Phenomenal Feedback
As new nurses in practice, Theresa and Sharon’s patients were given random questionnaires. In their patient’s responses, both nurses were praised for their accuracy, attentiveness and the listening abilities they provided each of their patients. Sharon was specifically celebrated for “being flexible and respectful and for providing safe and effective care for patients while also promoting independence.”

“I have many patients tell me I am a good nurse because I really care,” Theresa expressed gratefully. “It’s the best compliment I can receive.”

Life-Changing Learning
“Goodwin has changed my life in many ways,” Sharon said with gratitude. “At 35 years old and after working as a social worker for 15 years, I never expected to find myself back in school and changing careers,” she readily admitted. “Goodwin supports learners of all ages and has a diverse population that added so much value to my learning experience. Through the Goodwin nursing program, I have met lifelong friends that I would have never met without taking a chance at a new career.”

Theresa, too, thought Goodwin prepared her well for her new life as a nurse. “The education is presented in such a way that it gives you a solid base to build your career.”

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Update (05/2020)
A note from Goodwin University graduate and Registered Nurse, Sharon Kyc:

The COVID-19 virus has absolutely impacted my first year as a nurse! It has been challenging to treat patients during this unprecedented time while still developing my new skills. I have just completed additional training for redeployment at the field hospital set up by the National Guard at the Hartford Convention Center where overflowing COVID-19 positive patients are held across the state. I will be caring for patients on a step-down unit for those who are not ready to go home and still require acute care. I hope everyone is staying safe!”
-Sharon Kyc, MSW, RN