What is Advanced Manufacturing, and Why Is It Important?

In our rapidly growing world of high-tech everything, manufacturing remains one of the top industries driving our economy. Not only is it constantly evolving and expanding – it is now an advanced, safe, and highly-skilled profession.

Well-trained industry experts are in-demand all over the state of Connecticut. In fact, according to the CBIA’s 2017 Survey of Connecticut Manufacturing Workforce, 98 percent of Connecticut manufacturers expect to hire new, full-time employees by the end of 2019. Many of these companies are looking for candidates who are already trained, competent, and ready to step into the modern world of advanced manufacturing.

What is advanced manufacturing, exactly, and why is it so important?

Advanced manufacturing is the reality of today’s manufacturing industry, offering a bright career path for aspiring Connecticut workers. In addition to job security, great pay, and room for growth, advanced manufacturing professionals can also look forward to working with progressive technology and getting involved with the future of manufacturing as we know it.

Advanced manufacturing involves the development of new markets, new products, new technologies, and new ways to manufacture existing products. These manufacturers are literally at the cutting edge of our economy, shaping industries as well as the ways in which goods are (and will be) produced.

According to the AAMC, advanced manufacturing can be defined as a “family of activities” relating to this evolving, high-tech industry. On one hand, advanced manufacturing can involve the use and harmonization of automation, computation, software, sensing, networking, and information technology. Advanced manufacturing can also be classified by its use of avant-garde materials and emerging capabilities to manufacture both new and existing products.

An Advanced Career Path

Manufacturing is a career path where there’s always room for growth and opportunity. With a career in manufacturing, you will have the chance to immerse yourself into an evolving industry, contribute to ground-breaking products and processes, express your ideas, and even bring those ideas from concept to creation.

In today’s economy, most adults are eager to get started in their careers without the burden of debt for several years to come. Manufacturing careers are no exception. That is why Goodwin College offers a variety of manufacturing programs designed to help advance and launch successful careers in the industry. From advanced manufacturing certificates to bachelor’s degrees, there is sure to be a program that works for you, your career goals, and your lifestyle.

Those looking to advance into a manufacturing career fast can rest assured that job opportunities will abound with some college education under your belt. In fact, Goodwin has teamed up with Connecticut’s leading manufacturers to make our manufacturing technology certificate program shorter and less expensive than other schools, to get you working in the field quickly! Students who choose to take classes full-time for just 22.5 week can gain the career-focused training to land an in-demand job in the manufacturing field!

All of our advanced manufacturing degree programs are interactive and engaging, combining classroom instruction, hands-on training with state-of-the-art machinery, and in-field, on-the-job training. CNC machining students, for example, get to work directly with CAM/CAD software and cutting-edge, 3-axis milling and turning machines. And, thanks to our partnerships with many local manufacturers, students also may be eligible for internship, scholarships, and even job placement opportunities.

The accelerated manufacturing program at Goodwin is offered as open enrollment and there are no wait lists. Many of our other advanced manufacturing degrees offer similar flexibility – such as the new Welding program.

In completing an advanced manufacturing program, you’ll gain understanding of machining, manufacturing technology, and develop competencies in theoretical and practical measurements to become an effective member of any manufacturing team.

Graduates of Goodwin College’s manufacturing and machining school go on to pursue many exciting careers in the manufacturing industry, such as:

  • CNC Operator or Machinist
  • Manufacturing Supervisor
  • Industrial Production Manager
  • Human Resources Administrator
  • Production Controller
  • Logistician
  • Quality Manager or Technician
  • First-Line Supervisor
  • Certified Welder or Cutter
  • And more! Check out our infographic to learn more about thriving manufacturing careers.

Whether you are just starting out, or looking to advance your career, the career-focused manufacturing programs are comprehensive, advanced, engaging, flexible, and full of great opportunity!

Goodwin College offers the best options for students interested in the manufacturing and machining field. Click here to learn even more about the manufacturing programs available at Goodwin College.