Flexible & Fundamental Accounting Training in Connecticut

Connecticut is flourishing in the world of finance and business. For a small state, its economy is substantial, with its GDP ranked 23rd highest in the country and with several Fortune 500 companies and top CPA firms calling Connecticut home. It’s no wonder why, across the state, accounting-focused careers are in such high demand. For those who are seeking a foundational education in accounting, who want to broaden their knowledge of finance, Goodwin College has got the program for you.

Goodwin College offers an associate degree in Accounting for those looking to pursue entry-level accounting careers, without having to achieve years of schooling, experience, and CPA exams. Our accounting training program is specifically designed to equip you with the fundamental competencies and certifications needed to succeed, in less than two-years’ time.

The Value of Accounting Training at the Associate-Level

There are many benefits to earning an associate degree in Accounting, an obvious one being you can get into the workforce fast. Rather than spending years (and dollars) preparing to become a certified accountant, you can qualify for a variety of immediate job opportunities in just a few academic semesters. Upon graduation from Goodwin’s accounting program, for example, you can find work as a:

  • Payroll Professional
  • Bookkeeper
  • Auditing Clerk
  • Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Credit Counselor

Associate-level accounting training is also valuable in that it can truly round-out your already honed skillsets. If you have a college degree, for example, but are looking to grow your level of fiscal knowledge and qualify for more jobs, accounting training can help you do so. According to a recent TIME article, just having financial analysis skills can boost your salary potential by four percent. Accounting and financial skills are some of the most valuable and sought out skills by employers today.

What You Can Expect from the Accounting Training Program

What skills can you expect from an accounting training program, exactly? An associate degree program will equip you with a variety of analytical, problem-solving, organizational, and reporting skills in the accounting world. At Goodwin College, for example, you can expect to:

  • Learn how to organize, analyze, and summarize financial data
  • Gain an understanding of basic accounting concepts and principles, such as using accounting systems and preparing financial reports
  • Acquire experience entering, adjusting, and closing transactional entries in industry software
  • Strengthen your critical-thinking skills by identifying, gathering, measuring, and truly “crunching” financial figures
  • Integrate and apply your technological skills to accounting and business problems
  • Develop awareness of professional and ethical issues facing the accounting industry
  • Create professional financial reports and analysis for your clients, as well as learn how to identify any discrepancies in the data
  • Leave fully prepared to sit for professional certifications in bookkeeping, Microsoft Excel, and accounting software like QuickBooks
  • Qualify for many entry-level accounting jobsin bookkeeping, payroll, and more

The accounting curriculum at Goodwin College is carefully curated to train you in the fundamentals of accounting and finance. Specifically, you can expect to take accounting classes such:

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Principles of Finance
  • Principles of Economics
  • Principles of Taxation
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Business Law & Ethics
  • And more!

Flexible Accounting Training

There are many reasons you might want to pursue a two-year accounting degree over a four-year program. Most likely, though, it is because you are ready to get into the workforce fast. You do not want to start a whole new journey that involves a graduate degree or years of on-the-job experience – you want to get a foot in the door as soon as possible, and advance what you already know. But you want an accounting training program that is flexible, that works with your already busy lifestyle.

That’s not too much to ask. Associate-level accounting training programs are typically more flexible than the bachelor or master’s degree routes. Goodwin College, for example, allows you to complete your accounting degree through a blend of on-campus and online course options. Accounting training courses are also offered on days, evenings, and weekends, for added flexibility. So, if you have a family or are already working full-time, you can earn your accounting degree without disrupting life’s other priorities.

The best part of all is that, for those looking for immediate job opportunities, you can take the accounting program at an accelerated pace. In addition to the standard, 15-week semester, your classes can be taken in an intensive 7.5-week format. Then, should you want to advance your associate accounting degree down the road, that option is always there.

Learn more about the accounting training opportunities at Goodwin College. Call us at 800-889-3282 or visit us online to learn more about pursuing an accounting degree in Connecticut.