A Look Inside the New Manufacturing Technology Certificate Program at Goodwin

Right now, companies across the state are in immediate need of well-trained manufacturing professionals to join their workforce. And we know you’re eager to get out there and start working right away!

At the bare minimum, prospective workers need a high school diploma for a job with a manufacturer. Today, however, the vast majority of aspiring jobseekers pursue postsecondary manufacturing training to hone and perfect their skills. Why? Because many top manufacturers today prefer applicants who hold some structured, college-level classroom experience combined with practical training.

If you are a dedicated worker willing to rise to the challenge, Goodwin College’s 37-credit accelerated certificate program in CNC Machining, Metrology, and Manufacturing Technology is the right program for you. With just a little bit of training and education under your belt, you too can be on your way to making tools, dies, molds, and high-tech products like the pros.

We’ve joined forces with Connecticut manufacturers to make our program shorter in length — and less expensive — than other schools, to get you working in the field in no time. Take classes full-time for just 22.5 weeks and gain the career-focused training to land an in-demand job in the industry.

Our extensive accelerated courses will introduce you to the principles of manufacturing, CNC machining, technical drawings, metrology and calibration. All the skills required to work anywhere in the manufacturing world!

Whether you pursue our manufacturing technology certificate program or an associate degree in CNC machining, you will take courses in metal work, technical drawings and blueprints, manufacturing mathematics, as well as computer-aided machining. Best of all, you’ll receive hands-on training with state-of-the-art equipment, including our new CNC 3-axis milling and turning machines. You’ll also work actively with Mastercam and CAD/CAM software to enhance your programming skills.

Classes are held Monday through Friday and combine classroom instruction, hands-on training in our state-of-the-art facility, and in-field training. Thanks to our partnerships with local manufacturers, you may be eligible for internship, scholarship, and job placement opportunities as well.

Now is the time to pursue and reap the benefits of a manufacturing career, where job and advancement opportunities as well as employee salaries are high. If you are in the Connecticut area, you can start your career right at Goodwin College, where the curriculum is employer-driven and students get on-the-job training with today’s top manufacturers. Here, we help students develop and hone the manufacturing skills needed for success, job skills that can be taken anywhere upon completion of the manufacturing technology certificate program.

Get involved. Get creative. Get making. Call 800-889-3282 or visit www.goodwin.edu/makers to learn more about our manufacturing certificate and degree programs in Connecticut.