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Is CNC Machining a Good Career Choice?

Technology continues to change manufacturing around the world. If you desire a hands-on and high-tech career that continues to grow and evolve, you may want to consider a role within the CNC machining and manufacturing field 

The work in this industry impacts the way we live. Many products created from CNC Machining are the things we use every day. And as technology drives manufacturing forward, employers today are looking for machinists with experience in computer numeric control (CNC) machining. If you are curious about this path, you may be asking yourself, “Is CNC Machining a good career?” and “Is CNC a good career choice for me?” Read on, as we explore the benefits of a CNC machining career. 

Cutting-Edge Skills 

CNC machining and programming are highly valued skills within modern-day manufacturing. Those with these skills will reach success. Since Goodwin University is a career-focused school, CNC machining students learn with state-of-the-art equipment and gain the experience needed to jump into the workforce easily. For example, graduates of the CNC Machining program walk away knowing how to: 

  • Align, secure, and adjust cutting tools and workpieces 
  • Monitor the feed and speed of machines 
  • Measure, examine, and test completed products for defects 
  • Present finished workpieces to customers and make modifications as needed 
  • Read blueprints, sketches, or computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) files 
  • Set up, operate, and disassemble manual, automatic, and CNC machine tools 
  • Smooth the surfaces of parts of products 
  • Turn, mill, drill, shape, and grind machine parts to specification 

Graduates of the CNC Machining program at Goodwin also gain the critical-thinking skills needed to troubleshoot problems and apply creative solutions within the manufacturing plant. 

There’s Opportunity for a Bright Future 

As you ask yourself, “Is CNC a good career?, consider the world we live in today. As technology advances and the needs of consumers grow, the demand for fast, yet quality production of goods is growing by the minute. In pursuing a degree in CNC machining, you are investing in your future. And that future is bright.  

Manufacturers in Connecticut are leaders in making critical products, such as helicopters, jet engines, and submarines. As long as we need things, there will always be a need for a CNC Machinist. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects little to no change regarding employment within this field, so the industry is clearly holding steady. 

In Connecticut specifically, CNC machinists are some of the most difficult professionals to find, and are therefore in high demand. In 2018, Connecticut manufacturers reported that, collectively, they are looking to hire more than 400 CNC machinists within the next year. 

Employers Want Your Know-How  

The CNC skills you gain in your training will clearly put you ahead of the manufacturing game. Since this process involves computer-controlled machines, the work may be done much more efficiently than the old-school way of creating items. But don’t worry – your job in manufacturing hasn’t been replaced by a computer. In fact, the above skills are needed by employers looking to run their plants and increase production both effectively and safely. According to a recent survey, 89% of Connecticut manufacturers reported that CNC machining is among the most important and valued skills within their company.  

Your Dream Job is Within Reach 

Thanks to flexible colleges, a CNC machining degree or certificate can be obtained within a matter of months. The 60-credit Associate Degree program at Goodwin, for example, caters to busy students who need some flexibility while they pursue their education. Most CNC classes are offered at night. Some classes are only offered during the day, but select weekend classes are also an option. Most CNC classes are available on-campus, while some are in a hybrid format. With this kind of convenience, you can continue to work and fulfill personal obligations while earning your degree.  

For aspiring machinists wanting to get into a career fast, Goodwin also offers an accelerated CNC certificate program. This 37-credit program is a full-time, Monday through Friday program where you will gain both classroom and in-field training. It can be completed in just 22.5 weeks, and positions you for strong job placement and internship opportunities. 

Goodwin also offers students and graduates access to the Career Services Team. This group assists in finding work after college. Whether you need help updating your resume, writing a cover letter, practicing your interview skills, or making some professional connections, you can get this assistance – for free – whenever you need it. We don’t stop until you’re working in a job your love. 

Are you ready to jumpstart your career in CNC machining? Reach out to Goodwin University today! Call us at 1-800-889-3282, or visit us online to request more information.