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Goodwin graduate, Jesline Rosario, found success studying to protect and serve

Jesline Rosario is enthusiastic about exercising and staying fit. She enjoys running on gravel tracks, street sidewalks, and scenic nature trails. In her spare time, she esteems memorable moments with her family and friends, and she especially appreciates the canine company of her two-year-old lab terrier, Mocha. In between core workouts, with a bowl of kettle corn or a plate of pizza rolls, Jesline binges shows like Law and Order SVU and The Office. With her favorite colors green and blue, it should be no surprise that she is a fan of the New England Patriots and Boston Celtics. 

Captivated by Connecticut River Academy  
Focused on her future from a young age and captivated by the school’s sustainability themes, Jesline applied to Connecticut River Academy (CTRA), Goodwin University’s magnet high school in East Hartford, Connecticut, when she was 13-years old. 

Raised in East Hartford the majority of her life, after careful consideration, “attending Connecticut River Academy taught me to push myself,” Jesline acknowledged. “And what I liked best about the school was its ability for active student leadership roles.”  

The student body president of her high school class in 2015, Jesline, was a part of CTRA’s early college model; a dual enrollment structure that allows students to earn college credits by taking classes at Goodwin University while simultaneously attending high school. 

“I was able to get electives and required classes out of the way,” Jesline shared. 

As a graduate from CTRA, Jesline earned 20+ credits towards her college career, eliminating over a year of higher educational expenses. 

A flexible criminal justice curriculum  
When moving on to her college career, Jesline was looking for an adaptable education that would allow her to customize her classes while working full-time. From her previous experiences, Jesline recognized the value in Goodwin University’s adaptable academics. With a profound interest in law enforcement after watching shows like Law and Order, Jesline applied and soon enrolled in Goodwin’s Associate in Criminal Justice program. 

“I was able to tailor my classes towork around my schedule,” Jesline approached appreciatively. “At times, I was working one, or even two jobs, while in school full-time.”  

 “I loved taking online classes too,” she specified. “I could take my classwork wherever and whenever I wanted.” 

Profound professors with a passion for Public Safety 
Former vice president of the Criminal Justice Club, Jesline’s experience with Goodwin’s innovative learning platforms were positive and her interactions with the university’s professors were also admirable. 

From 1:1 sit-down conversations to open-forum classroom styles, Jesline articulated the impact Kimberly Myers, Ed.D, Program Director of Criminal Justice and Public Safety and Security, had on her life- not only as a learner, but a young woman. 

“From the moment you walked in Kim’s classroom to the moment you walked out, you knew that you were being taught by an educator who truly cared about you and valued what you had to say. Kim’s classroom style kept me observant, open, and wanting to better myself through my education. She has been there for me through it all, and I truly appreciate her help and support,” Jesline pointed out. 

When she graduated with her Associate degree in Criminal Justice, Jesline didn’t stop there. Not long after, she decided to stay on Goodwin grounds and enrolled in the Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety and Security program. 

An institution that prides itself on inclusivity 
While continuing on her collegiate course, Jesline knew that the multi-cultural community within Goodwin’s walls weren’t commonplace in other institutions.   

 The diverse student body opened my mind and impacted my way of thinking.” Jesline shared. “People ranged in age, race, gender, and ethnicity, and it was a safe and enriching environment. Through debates and discussions, I was exposed to a variety of different beliefs and cultures, all of which were celebrated.” 

From classroom to community service 
With two degrees at twenty-years-old, since graduating from Goodwin University, Jesline has obtained a career as a state of Connecticut Judicial Marshal Trainee. 

“We are the law enforcement and police officers in the court system,” Jesline enlightened. “We protect the judges, citizens, victims, and accused through security and order in the courtroom.” 

Currently a student of the Nutmeg State’s judicial academy, Jesline is hopeful for her professional prospects; and she is looking forward to moving through the ranks in the judicial marshal sector. 

With the ability to interact with citizens and those highly ranked in the criminal justice system, “I find it rewarding already,” she relayed. 

A real Goodwin-go-getter, Jesline’s academic adventure is also far from over. She is firm on her plans to take success one step further, to pursue her master’s degree in teaching to instruct future pupils on public safety and security. 

When becoming a member of the Public Safety and Security field, Jesline felt a sense of belonging. 

“Giving back to the community helps yourself and others” she explained, “Judicial marshals help build and maintain a safe surrounding for all.” 

With oaths to serve and protect the community, “to me, community means to come together for a higher purpose and meaning.” Jesline opened up. “Community is a group of people with similar goals who want the environment and society to be better.”  

Now waiting for social distancing restrictions to be lifted after the Coronavirus outbreak, Jesline and her academy class are studying and working out, awaiting the a-okay to return. 

When asked what to keep in mind when writing about Jesline’s alma mater, “some students might overlook Goodwin,” she confessed cautiously.  

“But I know I learned very quickly just how great Goodwin really is, and I would not have changed the school or my college experience for anything.” 

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