benefits of a masters in organizational leadership

The Top 6 Benefits of an Organizational Leadership Degree

An organizational leadership degree can help you reach the peak of your potential in your profession. Whether you’re in sales, healthcare, education, marketing, non-profit, or doing virtually anything else, the benefits of an organizational leadership degree can propel you forward. With this in hand, you’ll bring enhanced leadership skills to work and increase your value at your business or organization. Here, find out how a Master’s of Science of Organizational Leadership (MSOL) can meaningfully impact your career and life goals.

1. An MSOL is for all kinds of professionals.

Aspiring leaders or those who already have some leadership responsibilities at work (and want to focus on growing in this area) will benefit from an MSOL education. If you think an organizational leadership degree won’t benefit people who work on small teams or independently, such as entrepreneurs, think again! The pathway to CEO is paved with leaders of micro-sized operations and start-ups. For example, Jeff Bezos’ online retail business began as a solo operation, in 1994. The resulting business, Amazon, now employs more than 97,000 people. With education from an organizational leadership program, entrepreneurs can apply lessons on communications, scalability, and hiring to their ventures, just like aspiring leaders who are building their careers in large and established organizations and businesses.

2. Gain career fluidity.

Since an organizational leadership degree applies to so many professional areas, it is an excellent choice not just for those who want to grow in their current area of business, but also for those who want to switch careers. Innovative business thinking and an inspired, inclusive leadership approach are needed at all kinds of organizations, and at levels from Manager to Director, to the C-suite and President. No matter what your job title goals are, an MSOL will allow you to seek opportunities in a variety of industries. Switching fields is no big deal when you realize that every enterprise needs strong leadership!

For example, armed with an MSOL degree, a school administrator might be eligible to switch to a local government position working towards equitable education policies and programs in their district. An insurance filer looking for a more hands-on job might apply their MSOL education to hospital operations management. An inside sales representative might discover they enjoy motivating a team and kick off a career in the military with their MSOL.


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Use whatever your passion is as a rudder, along with the confidence that an MSOL offers, to land an interview. Make sure to boost your resume and cover letter with your favorite leadership take-aways from the program.

3. Add valuable skills to your leadership career.

The coursework offered in Goodwin University’s organizational leadership degree program is designed for professionals and career-minded individuals. Students benefit from these fascinating MSOL courses and more:

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making for Executives
  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Sustainability of Innovation and Strategic Advantage
  • Leadership Practices in Organizational Communications

According to Fast Company, if business leaders want to stay on top, they must get comfortable existing on the precipice of new and emerging technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, for its data collection capabilities. Managing change, navigating uncertainty, and even talent acquisition can all see better outcomes by leveraging data for decision-making rather than acting on gut instinct alone. Goodwin University takes a real-world approach in our MSOL program, and better yet, isn’t shy about implementing cutting-edge thinking to this organizational leadership degree made for your future.

4. Achieve success quickly with a short-term, flexible master’s degree.

Goodwin University’s MSOL stands out from other programs in many ways. It is accelerated, which helps students learn and graduate faster! Sessions are divided into 7-week periods, and students can complete all necessary coursework plus their capstone in as few as 20 months. Not to mention, classes are offered year-round, and students may attend class completely online, or in a hybrid format that adds face-to-face, in-person learning. Goodwin’s MSOL culminates in a 15-week capstone, which allows students to explore a self-directed organizational leadership project and put all the knowledge they’ve gained into practice. A capstone project offers a perfect exercise for testing out a new area of interest in organizational leadership, for strengthening students’ skill sets and getting ready for a new or better job.

5. Increase your salary potential.

While factors like location, industry, and prior experience all impact a person’s salary, LinkedIn says, “Education may be the most significant factor.” The average income of a person with a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. is $64,896 annually. Meanwhile, a master’s degree holder makes an average salary of $77,844 annually. That’s a 20% increase in income between those who have a bachelor’s degree and those who earn a master’s degree! No matter the field, a master’s degree is proven to help you get paid more for your hard work.

6. Make a tangible impact.

Deciding to study leadership means committing to long-term professional growth. It means setting goals higher than becoming a manager of people, projects, or bottom lines. Organizational leaders think beyond management concerns and get involved in charters for innovation, improvement, and evolution. With an organizational leadership degree, you can make a memorable impact on your organization and its people.

To learn more about how to achieve your MSOL in just 20 months while studying part-time and bring your career to the next level, visit Goodwin University online or call us today at 800-889-3282.