6 Reasons to Apply to an Online Nursing College

Are you a registered nurse looking to further your education? As an RN, it can be hard to think about earning your Bachelor’s degree while still upholding your day to day duties as a nurse. From patient care to clinical research, your work schedule is already filled—how can you manage going back to school, too?

If you are searching for an alternative means to pursue your BSN degree, enrolling in an online nursing college may be the right next step for you. Through online coursework, you can earn the credits you’ll need to qualify for many advanced nursing positions, right in the comfort of your own home.

In the digital age, online coursework is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives for higher education. Currently, about three million college students are enrolled in online degree programs. Nearly six million are taking at least one online course as part of their college major.

Right now, you may have your hesitations about taking your nursing courses online. Will you acquire a quality education from an online nursing college? Will employers truly value your online BSN degree?

As a career-focused nursing school in the state of Connecticut, Goodwin College has built our online RN-to-BSN program with the top healthcare employers in mind. Here, nursing students can gain the advanced knowledge and skillsets that employers are looking for, all in an accelerated, intensive, and online format.

For busy bodies such as yourself, online nursing colleges can offer a convenient, efficient way to help further one’s nursing career. If you are considering taking your nursing education to the next level, behind-the-screens, here are six more reasons to apply to an online RN-to-BSN nursing school.

  1. There is a high demand for educated nurses.

The need for highly qualified, educated nurses is continuously growing. Especially with the aging baby boomer population and recent healthcare reforms underway, skilled nurses are being called to all pockets of the healthcare field – in hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, residential and outpatient care centers, ambulatory care settings, and more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 3.1 million nurses will be employed within these medical settings by the year 2024. What does this mean for you, as a prospective BSN nurse?

Because nursing is currently one of the fastest growing occupations, the job outlook for aspiring nurses is great. Still, the field is a competitive one. Generally, the BLS recommends, registered nurses holding a Bachelor’s degree in nursing will have better job prospects than those without.

  1. Most employers today prefer to hire nurses with a BSN degree.

As a registered nurse, part of you may be wondering if it is worth earning your BSN degree. You may have heard talk about the BSN-in-10 initiatives spreading throughout the nation, but are unsure if you can commit another couple years of schooling. As a leading nursing college, we can tell you that earning a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing can get you far in your career. Of the many reasons to pursue an RN-to-BSN degree is the requirements of today’s employers. Nearly 79% of healthcare employers today express a strong preference in hiring BSN graduates. Not only this, but many states such as Connecticut are working towards having an 80% BSN workforce by the year 2020. By enrolling in an online nursing college, you can obtain your RN-to-BSN degree in no time, and meet the standards necessary to advance your career in the nursing field.

  1. Online nursing colleges allow you to work while earning your BSN degree.

At Goodwin College, we fully believe that you do not have to put your life on hold to earn a quality education. You do not have to take time off of work to complete your BSN college degree. Rather than having a schedule you have to work for, we understand you need a schedule that can work with you. That is why, at Goodwin’s online nursing college, we pride ourselves in convenience and flexibility. Here, you can design a course schedule that is completely tailored to your needs – whether online, on-campus, or a combination of both. Through our online RN-to-BSN program, you can earn the credentials you need in as few as 15 weeks, and work full-time or part-time while completing your degree.

  1. This can help advance your nursing career.

Online nursing colleges also encourage professional development. By being able to work full-time or part-time simultaneously, students can maintain or grow within their current nursing positions. You can continue to build relationships within your workplace, establish connections with other medical professionals, all while working towards your degree. Not only this, but you can close any gaps in your nursing skillset by obtaining the education needed to grow. Taking online courses in part with your job will show prospective employers just how apt and ambitious you truly are.

  1. You can create your own learning environment.

Another great aspect of online coursework is the fact you can create your own learning environment, right in the comfort of your own home. For many, this means better concentration – they are not distracted by other students or classroom activity. For others, it means having the ability to learn in their own way – with music playing or with more audio and visuals, for example – instead of within the traditional classroom environment.

In an online nursing program, you also gain back a lot of valuable time. You do not have to worry about leaving work early to attend class, about finding parking or getting stuck in traffic, or about traveling to and from school – you can focus those hours elsewhere, whether on work, family, or personal time.

  1. You don’t have to sacrifice a quality education when you choose an online nursing college.

Most of all, it is important for you to know that you do not have to sacrifice a quality education in an online nursing college. Online BSN nursing programs like Goodwin’s have received accreditation in the same way that traditional campuses have. This means that our standards of education are high – and our expectations of students are great. Your success is our priority.

At Goodwin College, our flexible, online, and accelerated nursing programs are designed to help students earn an advanced nursing degree, without interrupting their day to day routines. If you want to learn more about our RN-to-BSN nursing curriculum, please do not hesitate to reach out. Please call 800-889-3282 or visit goodwin.edu/caregivers to learn more.