What an Accredited Nursing College Can Offer You

Are you considering a future in nursing? Are you looking for an accredited, career-focused nursing college that will set you on a path towards success? You are in the right place.

It is no secret that the nursing career path is bright. If job security is at all a priority for you, you will be happy to know that nurses are of the most in-demand professionals today. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing is also one of the fastest growing occupations today, with nearly 440,000 jobs expected to open up by the year 2024. Amidst recessions and a competitive job landscape, nurses continue to find and uphold high-paying opportunities in the field. In Connecticut, the starting RN salary is over $60,000 a year.

So, where do you start? At a nursing college, of course.

There is an increasing emphasis on higher education for nurses today, as states across the country are progressively moving towards more competent health care. Connecticut, for example, is looking forward to achieving an 80% BSN workforce by the year 2020, meaning that the majority of registered nurses will then hold a Bachelor’s degree. Whether you’re looking to earn a nursing degree or further your career and education as a registered nurse, finding the right nursing college will be imperative to your future success.

If you are still not convinced, keep reading to learn what an accredited nursing college can offer you.


The importance of a nursing degree for one’s future is undeniable. Without a college degree or diploma, nurses are not fully qualified for employment. The BLS states that nurses must take one of three education paths: a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN degree), an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN), or a diploma from an approved, accredited nursing program. Upon graduation from a nursing college, registered nurses also must receive proper licensure in their state.

The reliance on education is so high today because of the sheer fact that a nursing college offers its students an incomparable value, a competitive advantage that will help them get ahead in the job market and land a nursing job. In an Associate or BSN program, students can grow their education and experience in physical and social sciences, communication, leadership, and critical thinking alongside some of the best nursing professionals. At Goodwin, nursing students:

  • Are assigned a nursing advisor from day one to help them navigate nursing school
  • Gain clinical experience in collaboration with other students, faculty, and real-life clinical facilities
  • Design their schedules and program to meet their specific needs


A good nursing college offers its students flexibility, so that they can continue working full-time or part-time while pursuing an education. At Goodwin College in Connecticut, we encourage students to design a curriculum that fully meets their specific needs. For example, students can complete our RN-to-BSN program part-time in as few as 16 months. Nursing courses at Goodwin may also be taken while the student is completing general education classes.

Here, we believe that students should have access to convenience and flexibility, without sacrificing a quality education. For this reason, we offer an accelerated nursing program in “hybrid” or online format.

Program Outcomes that will Lead to a Rewarding Nursing Career

The skills learned in an accredited nursing college are applicable across all healthcare settings. Graduates of Goodwin’s nursing school, for example, are prepared to:

  • Practice professional nursing in each and every aspect of the field. Graduates are not only able to look at nursing from a culturally competent perspective, but also from a holistic and visionary point of view. They are fiscally responsible and skilled in managing and coordinating patient care for all types of individuals, families, groups, and populations.
  • Integrate and apply knowledge to their professional nursing practice. Goodwin’s nursing college graduates are well-equipped with expertise in nursing theory, skills, research, arts and sciences. Upon leaving the program, they are ready to put their learned tactics to work right in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate leadership and management skills in clinical settings. After completion of the Bachelor’s nursing program at Goodwin, you will understand the role that problem-solving, creative thinking, and ethical decision-making all play in evidence-based nursing practice.
  • Manage and coordinate patient care using effective communication. Nurses are responsible not only for managing patient care, but also for assessing patients, designing patient care plans, and seeing those plans through. Registered nurses, therefore, must be able to effectively communicate with their patients to properly evaluate their health conditions. As an accredited nursing college in Connecticut, we ensure that our graduates are fully ready to do just this; to utilize effective communication skills with patients and their families in order to create, deliver, and encourage the most quality patient care.
  • Advocate for patients and their families, as well as groups and communities, based on a strong foundation of cultural respect. Day in and day out, nurses work with a diversity of patients – from all different backgrounds, cultures, economic situations, and health conditions. As a nurse, therefore, it is important that you maintain a certain level of respect for each patient that walks through your doors. At Goodwin, we aim to help students develop this as well as a cognate understanding of the impact of political and regulatory processes on healthcare.
  • Collaborate, communicate, and work effectively on a team. Nurses work closely on a team of medical professionals, alongside surgeons, physicians, medical assistants, and other medical staff. It is imperative, therefore, that graduates of nursing college are prepared to work with other interdisciplinary team members to maximize a patient’s wellness.
  • Make a lifelong commitment to learning. Nursing education does not end upon graduation from a nursing college. The medical field is constantly evolving, technologies advancing, health conditions progressing. Nurses, therefore, must be prepared to change and grow within their positions. This means assuming responsibility for professional career planning for the future, as well as remaining an active member in the nursing profession.

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