Accelerated Nursing Programs Tailored to You

The need for highly qualified nurses continues to grow in the United States. And alongside it, so does the demand for educated nurses who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Perhaps that is why you are here. It has been a long-time dream of yours to become a nurse, but the field has quickly become a competitive landscape. Nurses all over the country are turning their RN degrees into BSN degrees, and their BSN degrees into MSN degrees, and securing amazing jobs in this in-demand field. Even individuals who already have a bachelor’s degree in a non-related field are going back to school to earn their ABSN and become a nurse.

Career-focused nursing degrees

With the increasing emphasis on higher education in nursing, there is no doubt that earning an RN degreeBSN degreeMSN degree, or Accelerated BSN degree is your best bet to increasing job prospects and landing the career of your dreams. So how do you get there? How do you manage it all – college, clinicals, a part-time or full-time job?

An accelerated nursing program (whether studying part or full-time year-round) may just be the type of nursing program you’re looking for. This style of fast-track learning offers students like you an avenue to pursue intensive nursing courses over a much shorter period of time (year-round as opposed to taking summers off). But what if there was an accelerated nursing program that was also willing to work with you, with your schedule, on your terms?

As an accredited nursing school in Connecticut, that’s what Goodwin College aims to do. We tailor our accelerated nursing programs to meet the different needs of our students. No matter if you are an aspiring or seasoned nurse, we certainly have a nursing program for you.

Career Entry Programs

RN Program
Earning your associate degree in nursing is the stepping stone to becoming a registered nurse. It will open up a whole new world of opportunities for you, and it all can start right here.

Once you complete your prerequisite coursework, Goodwin offers you the ability to complete your RN degree in as few as 20 months part-time. For your convenience, we offer the majority of nursing classes Monday through Friday and in the days and evenings. This means that you have the option to take other classes or continue working your job while simultaneously working towards a nursing education.

Accelerated BSN Program
Our accelerated BSN degree is for individuals who have earned a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing major and now want to pursue nursing. This fast and intensive coursework can ready students for a great nursing career in as few as 16 months full-time. This accelerated second bachelor’s degree program will allow you to get licensed as an RN and working in the field quickly.

Career Advancement Programs

BSN Program
If you have already earned your RN degree and are a licensed registered nurse, an RN-to-BSN program is the next step for you. At Goodwin College, you can complete your BSN degree in as few as 16 months part-time. Our BSN program is offered fully online, so that you can still work while enrolled in classes.

MSN Program
Maybe you’re in the market for an MSN degree, because you’re an RN who earned a BSN degree, or you’re an RN with bachelor’s degree in another field – either is great! Our MSN program is the perfect next step for you. Our MSN program can be completed fully online, in as few as 20 months part-time. As you know, taking classes fully online can be a huge time saver and perfect for your busy schedule. Through our interactive online classrooms, you, your professors, and your peers will engage remotely to discuss and debate class material. Best of all, our program is structured in a cohort-model, meaning you will take the journey to achieving your MSN degree with the same classmates from start to finish of the program.

Our flexible nursing degrees are specially designed around you and your busy lifestyle, so that you’ll never have to postpone your education because life got in the way.

Call 800-889-3282 to learn more about our accelerating nursing program offerings, or visit here to learn why Goodwin College is a leader in health care education in Connecticut.