A Magnet School Program Designed for Busy Parents

We know how busy parenting can be. Making sure that your child has all the nurturing and enrichment they need; running from work to family obligations, keeping up on your home, accomplishing daily chores, and devoting time to relationships – there is always more on the calendar than hours in the day. Making the right selection on early childhood education, one that offers both high-quality education and the ease of blending into your lifestyle, can therefore be challenging. You shouldn’t have to weigh quality against convenience! At Riverside Magnet School (RMS), not only is the education top-notch, but our location, after-school studios, proximity to public transportation, and parent-integration programs also will allow you the flexibility you need.

Let’s start with location. Integrating drop-off and pick-up into your commute can sound daunting, but Riverside Magnet School’s location makes it a quick stop and easily integrated into your morning routine. At 29 Willowbrook Road in East Hartford, Riverside magnet elementary school is just minutes via car from downtown Hartford, and is also situated on major bus lines that connect the school to downtown, such as the 38, 69, and 87. Additionally, transportation is provided for Greater Hartford residents attending Riverside Magnet School.

Riverside Magnet School is on the other side of Route 2, on the Goodwin Magnet School Campus. For any parent who lives or works in Greater Hartford, attends classes at Goodwin College, or has other children attending Goodwin’s upper magnet school program, Riverside Magnet School would be an incredibly convenient choice for you and for your child. Because as you know, the less time you spend commuting, the more time you get to spend at home or engaged in activities with your loved ones.

After-school care can be another headache, especially for young children who need constant adult supervision. Luckily, the Riverside Magnet School program offers a rich after-school option called the Studio, where children can continue the exploratory learning they embark on every day at school. Casey Decoteau, the studio program coordinator, earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Study at Goodwin College. She especially enjoys planning Reggio Emilia inspired opportunities with children, such as exploring outdoors, playing with musical instruments, building with blocks, and in general supporting each child’s own individual environment-engagement style.

The regular RMS school hours are Mon-Thu, 7:45am-3pm, and Friday 7:45-noon, however, with the extended Studio program, elementary schoolers may be supervised until 5:45, Mon-Thu, and until 3pm on Fridays. This add-on to your child’s day may give you the flexibility you need, as well as provide your child with extra educational attention and structured play-time. As Kenneth R. Ginsburg reports for the AAP Pediatrics journal, “Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development.”

Being a busy parent doesn’t have to mean compromising your child’s early childhood education. The Riverside Magnet School program seamlessly pairs convenience with quality. For your growing family, Goodwin College’s early college high school program, Connecticut River Academy, is less than a half mile down the street, and also offers a specialized program with the same convenience as Riverside Magnet School. Goodwin College’s magnet school programs would love to welcome your whole family into their community.

If you would like to learn more about Riverside Magnet School, Goodwin’s Reggio magnet school program in Connecticut, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You may enroll in a parent information session here or apply today!