Further Your Career with Leadership Development Training

It is often said that certain people are born leaders. At Goodwin College, we believe that people can be born with the qualities of a leader. But to become a great leader, to become an effective leader, a person needs more than just character. Great leaders possess a certain mindset, a comprehensive skillset, and an aptitude to navigate a competitive business arena. Great leaders are made, are taught, are nurtured, to become the best possible leader they can be.

That is what leadership and management training programs are designed to do: to bring out and hone the skills needed to become a successful leader. If you too want to become the best leader you can be, a leadership development training program may be the right next step for you. Whether you are looking to land your dream job, advance in a current position, or elevate someone else within your company, know that the benefits of leadership training will prove invaluable.

In leadership development training, you will acquire:

  1. An Employer-Driven Skillset

If you are considering enrolling in a leadership development training program, there is no doubt that career advancement is your utmost goal. You want to expand your skillset. You want to stand out to employers. You want to become the best at what you do. Fortunately, the most reputable leadership programs are completely career-focused. At Goodwin College, for example, our management and leadership program is informed by Connecticut’s top industry employers. We aim to help our students develop the very skills employers are looking for, such as effective communication, problem-solving, strategic decision-making, supervision, employee development, and more.

Because true, effective leaders possess strong communication skills and the ability to problem-solve. They understand how to work efficiently with others as well as independently; they know how to encourage and motivate, coach and constructively critique, develop and promote the well-being of a business and its staff. At Goodwin, you will learn what it takes to be a true leader in today’s professional landscape by developing the specific, transferable skills businesses desire in their managers.

  1. Self-Awareness

You may be thinking, how can leadership development training teach me self-awareness? Is that not something I already possess? As much as you may know about who you are and how you work, there is always more to learn. To become a great leader, we believe you must start with introspection – this means looking at your strengths, weaknesses, talents, and knowledge base, to figure out where exactly you need to grow. Only after evaluating these areas will you be ready to move forward as a leader.

Leadership development training, for this reason, typically begins with a discovery course. Here, you can discuss your motivations, goals, and expectations with other aspiring leaders. You may also be evaluated on your levels of self-confidence, emotional awareness and intelligence, as well as any other qualities that go into becoming a great leader. From there, you’ll discover where you can grow.

  1. Self-Confidence and Worldliness

Great leaders take on many different perspectives in their roles. They maintain much of their day-to-day focus on immediate factors of their company such as employees, processes, and bottom line. But they also keep a constant eye on the bigger picture, the larger strategy, around a business’ impact and end goals.

Leadership development training helps students develop perspectives both big and small. They aim to teach each aspiring leader how to look at varying situations and challenges, and how to look at them with fresh perspectives. This helps give clarity to otherwise obscure problems, as well as facilitate self-confidence and reasoning for each decision made.

  1. The Power of Influence

In pursuing a collegiate-level leadership education, you will learn how to effectively influence others. You will discover the power of positive motivation and learn how to inspire those around you – your team, your staff, and your clients alike. Leadership development training will also teach you about the different sources of power – both strong and weak, good and bad – and help you determine which method is most effective in managing a cohesive, collaborative team long-term.

  1. Valuable Connections

Networking is a crucial component to the business landscape today. Often, who you know has a huge impact on your professional impression, influence, and overall success. Leadership development training programs, therefore, offer students the opportunity to connect with other aspiring leaders. In your program, you will be surrounded by other leaders working towards similar goals – whether it be advancing in their current positions or uncovering new leadership opportunities. Together, you can share ideas, experiences, challenges and solutions, ultimately uncovering the power of collaboration.

  1. Team-Building

Leaders cannot be leaders without a team to support them. It is crucial, therefore, that you shape an innovative, dynamic, and cohesive team to work alongside. But how do you so? How do you ensure that you have the most effective, productive, and collaborative team in place?

In your leadership development training, you will learn how to build a great team that can best carry out your vision. From facilitating interaction between team members to offering consistent support, scheduling regular meetings to effectively delivering orders, you will learn the best methods for assembling and managing a dream team for your company.

  1. A Path Towards Success

Perhaps you have a business idea that you want to bring to fruition. Or, maybe you dream of becoming the CEO of your company. Whatever your goals may be, a leadership development training program can help bring them to life. At Goodwin College, we help our students develop a clear vision of where they want to go in the future. From there, we develop an action plan to jumpstart that path towards success.

If you know where you want to go as a leader, we can help you get there. At our career-focused college in Connecticut, you will foster new business relationships and uncover growth opportunities you have never considered before. You will develop the skills employers are looking for, the awareness you need to get going, and the influence you need to succeed.

Learn more about Goodwin’s management and leadership training program in Connecticut by calling 800-889-3282 or visiting goodwin.edu/leaders.