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MSN Nursing Program FAQ

Are you a registered nurse with a Bachelor’s in Nursing and experience in the field? Awesome! Are ready to take on the next challenge and set of opportunities head-on in the field of nursing? Great! A Master’s in Nursing (MSN) is the perfect next step. But how do you even start going about getting your MSN degree? Furthermore, what is required to enroll in an MSN nursing program? How long will it take to complete?

We have rounded up some of the most common frequently-asked-questions about MSN nursing programs, to provide you with the information and confidence you need to pursue this next step.

What is an MSN nursing program?
Simply put, an MSN is an advanced-level, graduate degree for registered nurses. Therefore, an MSN nursing program provides advanced nursing and healthcare knowledge for those nurses seeking a career advancement—with more responsibility or within a certain specialty—and further refine their nursing skills. MSN nursing programs equip graduates by providing them with the tools and experience needed to continue making a valuable impact in today’s modern healthcare system. Nurses already make an incredible difference in people’s lives, and an MSN nursing program further enhances the positive difference a nurse can make.

How long does it take to complete an MSN program?
Each MSN nursing program will have their own program timelines, and the duration of how long it will take you to complete the program will be dependent on whether you can commit to a full-time course load, or part-time course load (if that is an option at the school). Generally, however, an MSN nursing program takes about two years to complete.

Goodwin University’s MSN nursing program, for example, can be completed part-time and fully online in as few as 20 months. All that meaning you can earn your degree and reach your professional goals in nearly half the time it took to earn an undergraduate nursing degree.

What courses are offered for MSN students?
The course offerings of an MSN nursing program will differ school to school. Some nursing schools offer MSN programs that focus on a specific type of care like critical care and gerontology; therefore, the specific courses reflect those particular learning initiatives. The focus of Goodwin University’s MSN nursing program is community and public health. Therefore, the curriculum explores topics such as leadership, social justice in healthcare, access to healthcare, as well as nursing ethics and ways to improve the quality of care for patients.

MSN nursing program students at Goodwin also have to complete a 90-hour fieldwork capstone project, which immerses students in a population health setting. This project focuses on the development of case and disease management as well as concepts of leadership, resource management and fiscal planning. This capstone course allows students to utilize all their learnings from the program and apply it to real life situations.

Are there flexible MSN nursing programs?
Yes! Fortunately, there are several different MSN nursing program formats that fit the different needs of different students. For those students who are juggling many of life’s competing priorities and who need flexibility, there are many convenient program options. These options include courses that are offered fully online or in a hybrid online/in-person format. At Goodwin our MSN program is designed
to be completed fully online, so you can complete coursework on your own schedule.

Will an MSN improve my career potential?
Absolutely. Nurses with an MSN degree are more qualified for advanced and specialized positions. An advanced MSN curriculum ensures they are equipped to handle a variety of scenarios in the healthcare field— beyond what a registered nurse with an undergraduate degree qualifies for. Therefore, MSN graduates qualify for more leadership positions in the field such as a nurse manager, nurse administrator and nurse educator. Thus, opening the doors to many more potential career opportunities.

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