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6 Benefits of a Business Leadership Program

Are you ready to reach your career goals in the new decade? You may be thinking about pursuing a business leadership program. If you are, you are heading toward a bright future with plenty of opportunity. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs in management are expected to jump 6% over the next few years – which translates to the creation of more than 500,000 new jobs.

Before you jump into your new career, you are going to need a great leadership program to get you there. The Management and Leadership bachelor’s degree at Goodwin University, for example, gives aspiring businessmen and women the skills they need to succeed in this competitive industry.

Just what are the benefits of pursuing a business leadership program? Read on, as we share 6 reasons to go for a leadership degree today.

  1. Develop a Versatile Skillset

When you decide to invest your time and money toward a business leadership program, you decide to advance yourself and gain valuable skills needed to succeed within the business world. Some of these skills earned with a business leadership program include:

  • Effective Communication
  • Employee Development
  • Strong Ethics
  • Facilitating Change
  • Leadership and Management
  • Mentoring
  • Supervision
  • Teamwork

Not only will these versatile and key leadership skills attract employers, they will help you throughout your career in the business field.

  1. Learn Difficult Business Tactics

In addition to the valuable skills you will earn with a business leadership program, you will also learn some of the more complicated and difficult aspects of business. Some of the classes offered within the Management and Leadership program offered at Goodwin include:

  • Team Dynamics and Individual Skills
  • Organizational Supervision and Administrative Roles
  • Talent Development and Performance Assessment
  • Accounting
  • Intro to Non-Profit Management

These types of courses will help you climb the corporate ladder. They will also prepare you for a variety of positions and leadership roles that you may be interested in.

  1. Advance Your Career Opportunities

Earning a bachelor’s degree has its own advantages. Those with a bachelor’s degree are automatically in a better position than those without.

According to U.S. News, “Employers value job candidates with organizational leadership skills, particularly those who interview for management positions. As a result, the employment outlook is positive for those who earn bachelor’s degrees in [leadership.] These graduates may also advance to executive-level positions after they gain experience in the field.”

  1. Boost Your Pay Potential

Another perk in earning your bachelor’s degree – particularly with a leadership degree in CT – is the potential for a bigger salary. According to Payscale, an online salary database, the average annual salary for a Human Resources (HR) manager with a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership is $89K.

  1. Effectively Lead Your Team

Of course, one of the biggest benefits to pursuing a business leadership program is the ability to put your learned skills and business tactics into practice. After you land the job, and start earning that healthy salary, you will find that the courses you studied in college can help you throughout your career. Some of these helpful courses at Goodwin University include:

  • Leadership Theory and Practice in the Organization
  • Understanding Worker Behaviors
  • Positive Mentoring
  • Positive Management
  • Facilitating Groups
  • Organizational Change

Once you are working in the field, you will find that these leadership courses can be applied to your everyday work life, and better move you – and your team – toward your goals.

  1. Make Connections with Professionals

As you make your way through the business leadership program, you will find that you can network while you are still in school. The professors at Goodwin University are industry professionals who can guide and teach you based on first-hand experience. Your fellow classmates will also be important people to network with, as they may be your future colleagues or business partners.

Goodwin University offers a Career Services Team – free of charge and for life. From resume building and interviewing practice to networking events and everything in between, our team of professionals will not rest until you are in the career of your dreams. Our services are available to students and graduates from all departments. We work with professional teams throughout the state of Connecticut – and beyond – to help find Goodwin grads the jobs they are searching for.

Goodwin University’s Management and Leadership training program is now offered online. Learn about earning your leadership bachelor’s degree at Goodwin by calling 800-889-3282 or request more info online.