The Value of an MSN Education

All nurses have a different story or reasons for entering the nursing field; surely your story is as unique as you are. But, we can venture to guess a few things: You found the medical field interesting. You realized that you like to help people. You considered the positive outlook of nursing job opportunities. In school and during your clinical training, you met other nurses, teachers, and doctors who truly inspired you and helped you grow into the person — and the nurse — that you are today.

Your education and experience are what separate the “you” that you are now, from the “you” that you wanted to be, before you took the leap into this career path. Doesn’t it feel good? Now, consider how you can grow “good” into “great.” By forwarding your skills with an MSN education, you can achieve both professional rewards and personal satisfaction. You can become that nurse who boosts patient confidence and who has the experience and knowledge to make others feel at ease. Let’s take a look at the value of a MSN education— and not just any MSN, but Goodwin College’s flexible online program.

Advancing your skills with a master’s level education begins with a solid curriculum. Goodwin College’s MSN degree program is well-rounded with up-to-date courses in theory, pathology, physical assessment, and pharmacology. Additionally, students forward their leadership and research skills in the MSN program. They develop comprehensive knowledge of disease and case management as it pertains to population health. The courses taken in this program also give nurses the advanced foundational skills necessary for transitioning into any further specialized master’s or doctoral program. Of course, coursework is partnered with clinical hours, and nurses benefit from a mentor who helps guide them towards learning around their specific interests. This is all not to mention the fact that Goodwin students can achieve this comprehensive MSN education entirely online, part-time, and as their schedule allows. As the English philosopher and scientist Francis Bacon stated, “Knowledge is power.” It’s hard to argue that knowledge is the true fuel that propels a “good” nurse into a “great” one!

Smart nurses are savvy and realistic. They know that they don’t have to sacrifice their entire lives — and savings accounts – for their profession. Why would you decrease your value in an area as important as finances, as you attempt build value through education, if you don’t have to? Online MSN programs like Goodwin College’s offer superior affordability. With a Financial Aid Advisor, we can help you to identify possible grants and scholarships for which you may be eligible. There are no hidden costs within the breakdown of the MSN tuition, allowing you to prepare yourself for success without unforeseen fees.

There’s possibly no one quite as important in a sick patient’s life as their caretakers— both loved ones, and nurses. As Voltaire, the great French writer and historian once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” As a nurse, the nature of your job requires you to accept an enormous amount of accountability. Ultimately, gaining more education and experience will allow you to be the most successful nurse that you can be. An MSN education will allow you to accept increased responsibilities, responsibly! In order to poise yourself as a nurse who is ready to take on both major job upgrades, and salary increases, you’re going to need to acquire at least an advanced MSN education. As a nurse interested in an advanced nursing career, it should be easy for you to see how you can evolve your “now” you into your next big career step with a graduate nursing degree.

So, who are the nurses that decide to pursue an MSN education? They are the ones who work hard to build a better future for themselves and their families. Who are Goodwin College nurses? Nurses who recognize assets when they see them, who want to maintain their financial stability, and who desire an MSN program that works alongside life’s other necessities. What kind of nurse are you?

Earning your MSN could be the best choice of your career so far! Call us today at 800-889-3282 to learn more about the Goodwin College advantage. You may also visit us online to request more information.