Should You Pursue a Graduate Nursing Degree?

‘Do I really have the time go back to earn a higher degree?’ ‘Would going back to school be worth it?’ ‘Can I even afford to pursue a graduate nursing degree?’ If you are a BSN graduate and a licensed registered nurse, and are asking yourselves these questions, then you are in the right place. It can be a big decision deciding whether pursuing an MSN degree is the right move for you and your career.

Obtaining a graduate nursing degree will open the doors to many opportunities within the nursing field, and Goodwin’s Master’s in Nursing program offers a flexible and affordable degree program that makes the commitment worth it. Between the increase in job opportunities and the higher earning potential, the only question you will be left asking is, ‘Why didn’t I earn my graduate nursing degree sooner?’

Job Potential with a Graduate Nursing Degree:

Earning a graduate nursing degree can open many doors for you to take on additional responsibilities and become a leader in a specific area of interest, like acute care or pediatrics nursing. At Goodwin College, our graduate nursing program provides students with the resources, experience, and education needed to move forward to a more specialized job within the nursing field.

Some of the most in-demand, specialized nursing positions that can be attained with a graduate nursing degree include: a Nurse Educator (someone who creates and organizes learning programs at colleges, hospitals, or other educational settings), a Nurse Administrator (a more managerial position, for someone who facilitates process and implements processes and organizational strategies within the healthcare setting), and a Clinical Nurse Specialist (someone who wants to continue doing clinical work, but on a more specialized level dealing with a specialized population like pediatrics).

Graduate nursing degrees will continue to hold value, largely because the job outlook for the nursing field continues to rapidly rise! The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment of all registered nurses will increase 15 percent by the year 2026. Advanced nursing positions (those that can only be attained with a Master’s degree) including Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse Midwives, and Nurse Practitioners is expected to grow 31 percent by 2026 – Indicating that there will not be a shortage of needs for specialized and educated nurses within the field.

Earning Potential with a Graduate Nursing Degree:

So, will a graduate nursing degree really be of value to you? The good news is, with greater knowledge and responsibility comes greater earning potential.  Those who have earned a Bachelor’s in Nursing (BSN) degree may earn between about $42,000 and $82,000 each year, according to The earning potential for those with a graduate nursing degree, however, is often much higher, with advanced nurses earning about $62,000 to $196,000 annually.

A Nurse Manager in the United States, for example, can earn an average of $89,469 per year. Furthermore, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average earnings for nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists and APRN’s is $107,460. This high earning potential is certainly a significant reason to consider pursuing a graduate nursing degree.

Flexibility of an MSN Program

If you are concerned about scheduling or working while going back to school, you can rest assured there are flexible graduate degree programs available for prospective MSNs. At Goodwin College, for example, the graduate nursing courses can be taken completely online, so that you can complete the curriculum on your own schedule. Classes can also be taken part-time and completed in as few as 20 months, so that you can still work while earning your Master’s degree.

If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about Goodwin College’s convenient, MSN nursing program, please call 800-889-3282 or learn more here.