Should You Pursue an Online Public Health Degree?

Everyone wants to make a difference. Everyone wants to change the world in some shape or form, or at the very least, change someone’s life for the better. In a public health career, you can do just that – and you can do it on a daily basis. You see, public health is a field fully dedicated to helping others. Public health pros work to make a positive impact on communities, both local and across the globe.

Public health is a vast and vital field. Some public health workers are educators, who travel to instruct others about self-care, health care, and disease prevention. Some professionals work in disaster relief, helping communities recover from adversity, while others might spend their day-to-day creating child wellness programs or making medicine more accessible to populations. Public health workers can work in foster care, or research important subjects like water pollution, nutrition, and new epidemics like the Zika virus. The public health career options are truly endless, and each one equally significant.

If you are interested in health, safety, and most importantly, helping the greater good, a career in public health may be for you. And an online public health degree program is a great place to start.

Many people believe that to land a job in public health today, you must have a Master’s or Doctorate degree. In truth, you can land a wide variety of careers holding a Bachelor’s in Public Health. Goodwin College BPH graduates, for example, can find careers as community health workers, health educators, disaster preparedness coordinators, environmental health specialists, research assistants, and more. The beauty of a Bachelor’s in Public Health is that it’s also more flexible – at Goodwin College, you can complete your public health degree fully online or in a hybrid, on-campus and online format.

Below we’ve included five reasons to consider an online public health degree.

  1. You will get a quality education.

Some people worry that they won’t receive the same level education online as they would in an on-campus program. When you choose the right public health school, however, this is not the case. An online public health program like Goodwin’s will equip you with the skills and competencies needed to be successful in a number of public health settings. You will take courses in everything from occupational health to epidemiology, global health to biostatistics, injury prevention to public safety, as well as learn about ethics and social issues. The public health course offerings at Goodwin are diverse, and, whether taken online or in-person, are taught by industry leaders.

Despite popular belief, you can still access your professors and peers in an online classroom. Should you have a question, issue, or simply want to discuss a given subject, you will have avenues to connect with your learning community. Goodwin’s public health instructors are available even after class ends. And, because our public health college offers classes on-campus, online, and in a hybrid format, you always have an option for in-person interaction.

  1. You can still work part- or full-time while earning your degree.

Goodwin College is all about convenience. When you pursue an online public health degree, that flexibility is increased even further. You do not have to ever feel constrained by location or time in an online program. You do not have to worry about missing class to pick up a shift, or about running from campus only to be late to work. With online public health courses, you can stay where you are (wherever you are), without disrupting your day-to-day – as long as you have WiFi, of course. Many Goodwin students choose our online degree programs so that they don’t have to miss a day of work.

  1. Your class schedule can be tailored to your needs.

You no longer need to put your life on hold to get a quality education. Goodwin College can help you build a class schedule that meets your needs and that actually works for you. We offer flexible course formats for those pursuing a Bachelor’s in Public Health. You can choose to take your classes 100% online, 100% on campus in Connecticut, or do a combination of both. With online public health classes, you can complete your classes and assignments when your schedule allows for it.

  1. You can create your own learning environment.

Everyone learns and processes information differently. Everyone manages their time and projects differently. Perhaps you do not learn well in a classroom surrounded by others. Perhaps you are most productive in a more comfortable setting, or an environment without disruption. An online public health degree is a great option to consider if this is the case. When you take online courses, you can create a learning environment that works for you, rather than an environment you must learn to work with.

  1. You can save on your tuition.

With an online public health program, you can still work while going to school – which really can help with tuition costs. Not only this, but online programs are typically more cost-effective than on-campus options. Furthermore, at Goodwin College, we have a dedicated team of financial aid advisors that can work with you to identify savings opportunities.

Interested in learning more about earning an online public health degree at Goodwin College? Call 800-889-3282 or visit us online to request more information.