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5 Advantages of Pursuing an MS in Leadership Online

Our busy lifestyles today play by different rules than even five, or ten, years ago. Multitasking is no longer just a skill; it’s an expectation! Family members, employers, friends, colleagues – regardless the relationship, the standard is the same. From your closest loved ones, to your broader global network, you always need to be “on” and available. It’s no wonder there just never seems to be enough time in the day to answer every text, e-mail, or social media message!

Right now, you may be asking, “How can I possibly make the time to pursue a master’s degree and advance my leadership career?” Well, you may not have heard about the MS in leadership online option, or its many benefits. Earning a degree at the pace of your modern life simply makes sense, which is why an online MSOL degree is often the answer for learners just like you.

  1. Personalized Flexibility

Online programs come in many formats. You’ll find any given mixture of part-time, full-time, classes taken online, or even hybrid classes (taken both on-campus and online). A completely online program, however, gives maximum flexibility to students, allowing them to learn at their own pace and on the hours and days that make the most sense for them. At Goodwin College, we believe that if you’re a graduate-level student, we you deserve complete flexibility. Who are we to rank your degree above family matters or your personal life? Nope, no judgement here. Earn your Master’s in leadership online from your at-home office, on your lunch breaks and after-work-hours, or from a hot-spot at your kids’ sports meets. And do it in just 20 months, part-time. Personalized flexibility is hardly something that money can buy… good thing that Goodwin College’s MSOL program is also cost-effective!

  1. Competitive Tuition Rates & Long-term Benefits

Not only are online degree programs typically more affordable, they can also be very transparent about their costs. For example, Goodwin College feels that it’s most ethical to show you what you can expect to invest upfront in your master’s program. We never seek to hit you with hidden costs, so that you can enhance your earning potential with an advanced degree, without taking on unexpected financial challenges. The MS in Leadership tuition, for the 2017-18 year, comes at $750 a credit, and additional fees, such as the MSOL Capstone Fee, are disclosed to you. In addition, Goodwin College offers graduate student financial aid, which advisors are on-deck to help you understand and apply for. Out of pocket costs can be ameliorated with scholarship opportunities, which are also available to graduate students.

  1. Simultaneously Expand Your Career… And Stay Afloat Financially!

The typical MS in leadership program might require you to take a break from your professional life—which for most, is simply not possible. With a mortgage or rent to pay, mouths to feed, or debt, many Americans just can’t take time off to study. Did you know that one in four American adults are currently paying off student loans? Or that most students graduate with more than $37k in debt? That’s the same amount of cash it would cost you to put a 20% down payment on a $185k home, or allow you to buy a brand new Audi A4, start up a business, or build a fancy in-ground swimming pool. CNBC has collected all of the scary stats. The benefits of continuing to work while studying can keep you afloat financially, as well as have immediate positive effects, such as direct application of new skills to your current job, and the ability to apply for a job re-assessment or a raise, given your newly enhanced capabilities. Adapt to the new normal, and develop your career while you study!

  1. Stay Current & Network Like a Champ

Familiar with e-mail exchange, but trying to get the hang of virtual meetings with video, conference calls, and other digital methods of connecting with business partners around the world? Goodwin College’s MS in leadership online will have you incorporating all kinds of online networking tactics with peers and professors alike.

Collaboration with partners from afar is the wave of contemporary business. In fact, the 2018 World Economic Forum Future of Jobs report highlights the developing role of automation in the workforce, driven by technological advances – specifically, high-speed mobile internet, artificial intelligence, widespread bid data analytics, and cloud technology – which are expected to positively drive business growth through 2022. The adoption of advanced technologies among businesses across the board will create a need for continued employee education through re- and up-skilling. Learning advanced digital communication skills now will pay off in the short-term, and for the long-run. All you have to do is get your time zones straight!

  1. Comfort & Increased Confidence

In a fascinating recent study by the Action Lab at Arizona State University and the Boston Consulting group, supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Making Digital Learning Work researchers revealed three incredible benefits to online learning:

  • Improved student access and affordability
  • Higher retention and graduation rates, and
  • Reduced institutional operational costs

In addition, digital learning communities have an excellent track record of providing benefits to socioeconomically diverse student populations. Embark on your MS in leadership online education with confidence in the statistics: You, too, can succeed!

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