The Value of an MS in Organizational Leadership

There are a few ways to parse out the meaning of “value.” One is quantitative; the literal dollar figure that defines a worth of something, whether that be significant ticket price on a new car, the cost of a gallon of milk, or a major investment like earning a secondary degree. Another is qualitative; with that 2017 vehicle, you gain reliability and safety for each day’s commute. With that gallon of milk, you’re nourishing your family with a vitamin-D filled breakfast for that week. With a secondary degree, you’re ensuring the fiscal health for your future (and your loved ones), as well as increasing your own personal and career growth potential.

For business professionals, the value of a Master’s in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) reaches well beyond the financial investment. MSOL graduates develop career direction in a myriad of avenues: from corporate to education, manufacturing to non-profit, or state and federal government. The skills obtained in MSOL degree programs, like the one at Goodwin College, are in-demand by such a variety of industries that no matter your passion, you will graduate with workplace leadership potential.

Why else is an MS in Organizational Leadership so valuable? Well, value is also in the eye of the beholder. Your new car makes your commute seamless every day, ensuring that you get to work fast, on time, and without a hitch. Your kids enjoy milk with their cereal, while you feel good about helping them build strong bones and teeth. With an advanced degree like a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, employers will find value in those special and defined skills outlined on your resumé, placing it on the top of their stack when considering new talent. The MSOL degree will also speak volumes about your strengths in not only business, but also in communication, ethics, problem-solving, and collaboration. It’s the degree that employers like to see because of its enhanced people-skill building curriculum.

MSOL programs are an alternate to the highly popular MBA degree, focusing less on the theory and analysis side of business, and more on the big-picture, people-management aspects of business. stresses that those human skills, such as teamwork and conflict resolution, have become as important in today’s world as accounting and finance were in the 1980s.

How has the business world tilted its scales in regard to weighing value? When Wall Street investment careers really began booming in the 1980s, the popularity of the MBA degree rose. After the credit bubble popped in 2008/09, the investment climate crept slowly back with a much more reserved attitude and with more global awareness, recognition of emerging economies and technologies, and an eye towards sustainability and the non-profit sector. What do all of these changes have in common? The management of a business in today’s world requires advanced negotiation skills, the maintenance of multiple stakeholders, and attention to ethical and fiscal responsibility. These are also some the many ways the MS in Organizational Leadership prepares business-minded individuals for the contemporary workplace.

With a degree from Goodwin College, there are many positive career outcomes. Students emerge with insight into the most effective organizational leadership strategies. They learn up-to-date collection methods and research tools, and they gain the ability to foster increased productivity in the workplace. Additionally, they develop insight into how talent acquisition works, and learn performance management techniques. Not only do these skills offer MSOL graduates a leg-up in the interview process, Goodwin College offers them a lifetime of career services. Goodwin’s dedicated Career Services team is ready and willing to help with career placement and counseling – from writing cover letters and resumés, to networking opportunities, to workshops and more.

Without a doubt, “value” increases with capacity for sustainability— whether that be in business, in your personal purchases, or life decisions. Only you can make the very valuable choice for your career, and that just may be earning your MS in Organizational Leadership. Call 800-889-3282 or visit for more information today.