What the Best MSN Programs Have in Common

While there are many different MSN programs available for nursing students today, not all MSN programs offer the same level of quality education. Top-level MSN programs provide students with not only a high-quality education, but also a library of medical knowledge, resources, and skills necessary for advancement within the nursing field. There are many factors to consider when researching the best MSN programs out there. Here are some qualities that the best MSN programs have in common that make them a viable option for those pursuing an MSN degree.

Quality Education

First and foremost, the best MSN programs offer a quality education that is applicable beyond the classroom, in real-life situations. Medical practices and applications are constantly changing due to the advancements in technology; therefore, it is important that nursing curriculums reflect these advancements. The best MSN programs adjust and optimize their curriculums based on relevant medical technologies and skills needed in the nursing field. It’s also important to ensure that the program is an accredited program. Accrediting agencies hold schools and programs to the highest of standards, indicating a high quality of education.

Career Placement Services & Student Support

The best MSN programs want you to succeed not only in the classroom, but also after earning your degree. Top MSN programs have career services staff in place to ensure that MSN graduates and students receive the support they need post-graduation, and to help them land the job or promotion that they deserve. In fact, the best MSN programs, like Goodwin College’s, provide students (past and present) with a lifetime of career services and support free of cost, forever. A career services department helps students and graduates build their resumes, prepare for interviews, attend networking events and much more so they can advance within the nursing field and get closer to achieving their goals.

Good student retention, graduation, and job placement rates

High student retention rates, graduation rates, and job placement rates are good indications of a quality MSN program. Beyond the curriculum, the best MSN programs are a reflection of the success rate of their students while enrolled and post-graduation. The best MSN programs are career-focused and have high retention, graduation and job placement rates in various nursing roles such as a Nurse Practitioner, Certified Nurse Anesthetist, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Educator, among many more.


Many of the best MSN programs are flexibly designed for working RNs juggling various different priorities. Goodwin’s MSN nursing program, for example, offers nurses the flexibility to complete your MSN degree in as few as 20 months part-time. Furthermore, the best MSN programs, like Goodwin’s, provide students with the opportunity to complete coursework fully online, so students and working professionals can complete coursework on their own schedule.

Cost Effectiveness

Last, but definitely not least, it’s important to know that the best MSN programs do not always have to be the most expensive ones. In fact, the best MSN programs should propel you into professional and financial success by providing you with financial aid, grants, and scholarship opportunities to help offset the cost of an MSN degree. The best MSN programs have a team of dedicated financial aid advisors who are trained to identify cost-saving opportunities for nurses seeking a Master’s in Nursing.

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