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What is a Good Master’s Degree for Teachers Seeking Career Growth?

People drawn to the teaching profession are caring, creative, and intelligent communicators. Did you know that teachers perform mental gymnastics all day while they lecture, set up projects, walk groups through an activity, or plan lessons? Teachers make over 1,500 decisions daily, and most educators feel that estimate is even low.

Teachers’ rigorous brain workout is a constant exercise of control and classroom leadership. Without a leader’s attitude, any classroom can quickly become a disorganized, unruly disaster. Throughout their early classroom assistant experiences, internships, and bachelor’s degree programs, aspiring teachers practice how to think fast, act, and lead groups of people. With a master’s degree focused on teacher leadership, educators can hone their skills further and promote teacher career growth.

Choosing a Smart Master’s Degree for Teachers

No one decides to become a teacher because it is easy. They choose this career path because they love the challenges a classroom presents, appreciate education, and want to make a positive impact on other people’s lives. There are many graduate degree options available for teachers who seek career growth, such as:

  • Master’s of Arts in Teaching
  • Master’s of Science in Education
  • Master’s in Special Education
  • Master’s in Curriculum and Instructional Design
  • Master’s in Teacher Leadership

Most of these degrees are perfect for teachers who want to learn everything there is to know about teaching a specific subject. For example, Master of Science in Education degrees are typically specialized by subject, such as an MS. Ed in English, Science, or Social Studies. The Master’s in Special Education and Master’s in Curriculum and Instructional Design are also specific to a student population or area of expertise. A Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is both hands-on and theoretical, and coursework is grounded in teaching pedagogy. MAT programs are often specialized for specific stages in a child’s learning development, such as Early Childhood (birth to four years old), Elementary Education (Kindergarten through sixth grade), and Secondary Education (high-school levels).

However, the best choice for teachers open to variable advancement options in education, inside and outside the classroom, is the Master’s in Teacher Leadership.

Career Options for Teachers with a Master’s Degree

An M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership opens doors to exciting teacher leadership positions that may surprise you. Those careers might be in the classroom, an adult training center, or administrative or executive office, to name a few environments. M.Ed. teacher leadership careers include:

  • Career counselor
  • Corporate trainer
  • Curriculum Specialist
  • Educational administrator
  • Educational consultant
  • School principal
  • Special education teacher
  • University professor

Thinking of education beyond the classroom expands not just the options of the population that an educator could work with, but also their potential salary.

Embracing Diversity with a Master’s Degree Education

A great teacher leadership program attracts educators of all types, which adds a valuable diversity of perspectives when participating in the program. In this way and others, learner variability is an educational cornerstone to Goodwin University’s M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership. Candidates gain a deeper understanding of methods to promote their own students’ individuality and acknowledge neurological and social differences, which affect the way they learn. This program embraces the Universal Design for Learning framework, through which participants study a curriculum including leadership theory and practice, how to facilitate effective learning environments, employing instructional coaching, and understanding curriculum theory. UDL theory allows educators to meet students, no matter who they are, or where they are at. This is one reason UDL applies to educators who transition from a traditional classroom environment into consulting, counseling, or corporate spaces.

Finding a Career-Minded Master’s in Education

A smart pathway for teacher career growth should not require teachers to take a break from teaching. Depending on how long a teacher has worked at their school and how much education they have obtained, it can be too great of a risk to take extended time off, especially if they wish to return and continue their growth at that institution. These are all reasons why Goodwin University’s M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership is built for working teachers.

Goodwin University’s M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership makes it possible to work full-time while earning a master’s degree for teachers. Plus, qualified applicants can bring up to six credits into the 30-credit program from prior learning, further decreasing the amount of time and investment it will take to earn our M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership. Goodwin University’s program offers superior flexibility by being hosted fully online and can be completed in as few as 15 months while studying part-time. Students benefit from a blend of independent learning and synchronous or virtual classroom time with peers. The cost of our master’s degree for teachers is transparent, with no hidden fees, so you know exactly what kind of investment to plan for. The program is competitively priced with other private non-profit colleges in CT, making it an excellent choice for your future.

To learn more about Goodwin University’s M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership and all the opportunities for your career in education, please get in touch! Visit us online for more information, or contact our team at 800-889-3282.