Master of Science in Leadership in CT | Goodwin College

Where do you see yourself in the next six months? The next six years? The next 60 years? If you envision yourself progressing within your career over these time periods, then certain actions must be taken – in the long-term and the short-term – to make your career goals a reality. Pursuing higher education to gain additional skills and experience is a great way to help you get where you want to be within your desired career. In particular, earning a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL degree) will provide you with the tools needed to embrace the ever-changing markets you work in and thrive as a leader within any organization. Here are a few reasons why a Master of Science in Leadership will provide great value to you and your career:

Robust Curriculum:

A Master of Science in Leadership will grant you the skills and competencies needed to manage your direct reports, but it goes even further than that. At its core, an MSOL program teaches individuals to become visionary leaders, and to drive change and growth within organizations.

Goodwin College’s robust MSOL curriculum covers several valuable courses, including the ‘Foundations of Leadership,’ where students learn different leadership methods, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, and cross-generations and cultural challenges found in business environments. Later in the degree program, students take on more specific leadership courses like ‘Sustainability of Innovation and Strategic Advantage,’ where they continue to develop their skills in understanding and implementing systemic planning within an organization. MSOL students also learn strategic goal setting and how to create impactful mission driven plans for an organization’s growth.

As you may already know, businesses are quite complex. A leader must understand everything from talent management to financial planning, project management to strategy development, data-gathering to analytics. In a Master-level program, you will develop all the knowledge needed to be a great leader, while honing your collaborative problem-solving, project management, performance management, communication, and analytics skills.

Flexible Class Schedule:

Your initial thought when considering a Master of Science in Leadership might have been, “How will I ever have time to juggle class and work?” Fortunately, Goodwin College’s MSOL program is flexibly designed for the working adult. Goodwin understands that life can’t be put on hold to pursue a master’s degree, which is why we offer different class structures for our busy students. Our Master’s in Organizational Leadership is offered in an accelerated 7 ½ week format, and can be completed online or a hybrid, online-classroom environment. Furthermore, Goodwin offers three semesters each year, which provides you with the opportunity to finish your degree faster and move up the career ladder quicker.

Networking Opportunities:

Networking is an important aspect in all lines of work and will certainly help one to advance in a leadership position. Having a well-established professional network and forming meaningful relationship with those in your industry can result in new partners, customers, growth, or even advanced job opportunities. How does an MSOL degree come into play here?

Pursuing a Master of Science in Leadership degree at Goodwin College will give you the opportunity to expand your network by making strong connections with teachers, fellow classmates (a.k.a. other aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs), and local businesses in Connecticut. Furthermore, Goodwin’s MSOL students have lifetime access to the College’s Career Services department, which facilitates employer networking events where you can continue to expand your network.

We’ll now ask you again: Where do you see yourself in the future months and years? If career advancement and success are what you envision, then earning a Master of Science in Leadership at an accredited college like Goodwin could be a great next step. Goodwin’s MSOL degree provides motivated individuals with the thinking, tools, and credentials needed to move up the career ladder and move up in today’s business arena. Contact Goodwin College today for additional information about our Master of Science in Leadership program. Call 800.353.8092 or visit us online.