What to Look for in a Manufacturing College

What to Look for in a Manufacturing College

Are you looking to begin or advance your career in manufacturing? Are you looking for a manufacturing college that will help you find long-term success in this in-demand field?

More and more, there is an increasing reliance on higher education in the field of manufacturing. Employers are looking for skilled, qualified candidates with strong credentials, hands-on training, and certifications to deem them fit for the job. As a prospective manufacturing student, you will need a manufacturing college that can offer you just this; a college that is dedicated to your career path and achievement in the field.

But where do you start? How do you find a school that will offer you the manufacturing training you need, as well as the flexibility you need as a busy college student? What are the most valuable aspects to look for in a manufacturing college? From educational options to hands-on technical training, here are five offerings the right manufacturing college will extend to you.

An Array of Options

“Manufacturers are looking for people who take an interest in learning computer operation, quality control, and how to operate computer-based machinery… Jobs today are not always ‘I do this every day.’ A lot of workers are expected to do different things in the plant.” – Brian Sweeney, Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Manufacturing today is largely about having an array of skillsets, a library of knowledge, and a passion for all different aspects of the manufacturing field. When looking for a manufacturing college, you must take this into account. Find a manufacturing and machining school that offers a range of different programs and curriculums, certifications and degrees, rather than just one specialization. Choose a manufacturing college that gives you options as well as opportunities to explore other areas of the field. This will help ensure that you are aware of the different aspects of manufacturing, as well as well-equipped for a future in the industry.

Goodwin’s Manufacturing, Machining and Logistics programs include:

  • Manufacturing Management (Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Quality Management Systems (Associate Degree)
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Associate Degree)
  • CNC Machining (Associate Degree and Certificate)
  • Manufacturing and Production (Certificate)
  • Manufacturing and Logistics (Certificate)
  • Certified Production Technician (Credential)
  • Certified Logistics Technician (Credential)
  • Green Manufacturing (Credential)

Career-Focused Curriculum

Today, the most valuable workers are well-versed in more than machinery. Employers are now looking for manufacturing workers who can efficiently problem-solve, who are detail-oriented and dependable, who have strong communication skills, and who work well with a diversity of people.

So, when looking for a manufacturing college, it is important to find a school that can teach you these skills. A college that is career-focused and employer-driven, that understands today’s job market and that will teach you the specific proficiencies employers are seeking. Goodwin College, for example, is constantly studying what today’s employers are looking for in new hires. We based our manufacturing program completely on job qualifications that are identified by actual, successful manufacturing professionals.

Hands-On Training

On-the-job, hands-on training is one of the most valuable ways for workers to become competent in the field of manufacturing. It allows students to put their learned skills to real-life practice and work under the direction of experienced manufacturers. Hands-on manufacturing training also allows students to gain specific instruction in their specific areas of interest; tailored instruction that will help pave the way for their future occupations. If a student gains hands-on CNC machining training at a collegiate level, they will simultaneously become well-versed in the technical and computer specializations needed to land their dream CNC job.

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics iterates, learning most often comes through doing – A thriving print manufacturer tells the BLS, “It’s that hands-on experience that makes things click… It takes time, patience, and practice.”

Technology and Equipment

A manufacturing college cannot offer hands-on training without making the right equipment accessible to students. As you consider your schooling options, try to find a program that offers students the ability to train on today’s latest manufacturing technologies and equipment.

At Goodwin, we revolve our manufacturing curriculum around state-of-the-art technologies. Much of the curriculum at Goodwin’s manufacturing college is taught through hands-on, interactive, virtual computer simulation. And in our CNC machining school, we have new 3-axis milling and turning machines to help students find hands-on success. Students also have access to the latest Mastercam software.

There is no doubt that technology is the face of tomorrow. Especially in the manufacturing industry, technology is advancing how things are made, processed, and distributed. Manufacturing schools must keep up. At Goodwin, we believe that it is the access to technology that helps our manufacturing students become the leaders of tomorrow.

Flexible Course Schedule

As a prospective student, you deserve a manufacturing college that will work with your schedule, not a class schedule that you’ll have to work around. You deserve a college that offers flexible, convenient curriculums tailored to your wants and needs. At Goodwin College, you will find exactly that. Here, we ensure that there are manufacturing class times for everyone. With the help of our advising staff, you can find class times that will easily fit into your schedule.

Goodwin’s manufacturing classes are offered on days, evenings, and weekends. They are also available to students in a mixture of on-campus, online, and hybrid formats. Most of the manufacturing courses at Goodwin are offered in the standard 15-weeks, while some classes are offered in an accelerated 7.5-week format for your convenience.

Whether you are just starting your career or are already working in the field, Goodwin’s manufacturing college in CT can prepare you for success. Contact us at 800-889-3282 or visit goodwin.edu/makers to learn more.