Organizational Leadership Master’s Student: “Goodwin College is home.”

Goodwin College student Lisa Carmona was pursuing an associate degree when a chance encounter on campus changed the expected course of her studies – and her life. Carmona, who had been reconsidering her initial program choice, met Michael Wolter, Program Director and Assistant Professor of Management and Leadership, and after learning about other options for her studies, decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Management and Leadership instead.

Carmona, who is currently the Hartford Division Administrator of Field Services for Eversource, credits her ongoing success in the workplace to her Management and Leadership coursework. “I gained hands-on experience working with different types of people,” she notes. “It has helped me become a more confident leader.”

The road to success was not without its challenges for Carmona, however. “I was working two jobs and caring for my father who fell ill during my time at Goodwin,” she recalls. “There was a lot going on in my personal life, but the support of Goodwin College was always uplifting and positive.”

For Carmona, flexibility was at the forefront of her decision to stay in school despite her other commitments. “School could not be my first priority for a while, but the flexibility that Goodwin offered was amazing,” she shares. “I grew up so much and was proud to graduate after what I went through.” She received her bachelor’s degree in 2016.

Carmona is now one of the first alumni students enrolled in Goodwin’s new master’s degree program in Organizational Leadership (MSOL degree) and will be returning to continue her studies later this year. “For me, Goodwin is home, and I’m excited to return for my master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. I look forward to seeing what doors it will open for me in the future.”

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