4 Entry-Level Healthcare Jobs to Consider Post-College

As one of the fastest-growing, most promising industries in the United States, the healthcare sector is also one of the best fields to get your foot into today. Even starting with an entry-level job and working your way up the ladder can prove to be a significant career move – A healthcare career means job security, a bright job outlook, and a comfortable salary. Not only does it bring a diverse array of job opportunities, it also gives rise to meaningful and fulfilling day-to-day work.

The high prospects of a healthcare career are likely what have brought you here. But like many aspiring professionals, you may still be wondering which jobs you qualify for at this stage in your career. You may be worried that your current experience is not enough to land an entry-level healthcare job, and are now wondering if further education is needed for a starting position in the field.

A common assumption surrounding medicine is that a person needs years and years of schooling to land a good job in the healthcare field. A common fear is that, because the healthcare job market can be competitive, even college undergraduates will not gain enough hands-on, on-the-job experience to land a position in the field. As a leading healthcare school in Connecticut, Goodwin College is here to tell you that is no longer the case. There are abundant entry-level opportunities in the healthcare field – all that can be pursued with less than two years of post-secondary education.

The transition from aspiring student to undergrad, and from undergrad to healthcare professional, can be a smooth one with the right guidance and education behind you. To help get you started, we’ve outlined some of the most prestigious, in-demand entry-level healthcare jobs that can be attained with an associate’s degree or certificate from Goodwin College.

  1. Registered Nurse

Nurses make up the largest healthcare occupation in the United States today, working in hospitals, ERs, doctors’ offices, clinics, and homes across the nation. If you desire a thriving career that involves direct patient care, if your goal is to become a vital and invaluable member of the healthcare team, then a career in registered nursing may be for you.

To land an entry-level nursing job in Connecticut today, you need to have at least an associate degree in nursing (ADN) under your belt. This level of education will prepare you for entry-level positions in both acute and long-term healthcare settings. At Goodwin College, the ADN program combines clinical and classroom experience to optimize students’ learning and skills development, and can be completed in 20-months part-time after your prerequisites are fulfilled.

Hundreds of our nursing program graduates work in hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout Connecticut. And on a regular basis, we hear from healthcare employers how pleased they are to have Goodwin registered nurses in their organization. If you are looking for an entry-level nursing job that involves respect, prestige, and reward, a registered nursing degree is a great place to start. And if you decide you’d like to pursue a more advanced, managerial nursing career down the road, you can always go on to earn a BSN degree after your ADN is complete.

  1. Medical Assistant

A medical assistant is another vital member of the healthcare team, working closely with doctors, physicians, and nurses to ensure that each patient gets the quality care they deserve. Many students choose to pursue medical assisting because they enjoy the multi-faceted aspect of the field: Medical assistants can work directly with patients as well as on the administrative side of healthcare. On some days, you may take patient vital signs. Another, you may manage patient records and medical histories.

To become a medical assistant today, it is recommended that you earn at least a medical assisting certificate from an approved healthcare school. This will then make you eligible to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) examination. At Goodwin College, you can complete our certificate program in as few as 12 months. Or, you can put those credits towards an associate degree in Medical Assisting, which can be completed in less than two years.

  1. Phlebotomist

If you’ve ever had blood drawn at a laboratory or clinical facility, you’ve more than likely encountered a phlebotomist before. These are the professionals that collect blood samples needed for testing, transfusions, research, and donations. They have excellent intrapersonal skills and a passion for the medical field- can you relate? If so, a phlebotomy program may be a great kick-off point for your healthcare career.

The phlebotomy certificate program at Goodwin College in Connecticut is a solid place to start, as it will provide you with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to work in a clinical laboratory setting post-graduation. The program is a total of 16 credits, which can be completed in a standard, 15-week format or accelerated 7.5-week format for faster degree completion.

  1. Histologic Technician

Histologic technicians, also known as histotechnicians, are behind-the-scenes healthcare professionals who study biological tissues and cells for diagnosis. Their job is essential for diagnosing and treating diseases such as cancer. If you have an interest in biology, chemistry, anatomy, and physiology, as well as a desire to make a difference, an entry-level healthcare job as a histotechnician may be for you.

To become a histotechnician, you should complete a certificate-level training program or an associate degree. Both levels of education are offered at Goodwin College in Connecticut, where you will gain hands-on experience with the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues – learning how to assess, test, detect, and diagnose each sample. In no time at all, our histology programs will prepare you for entry-level positions in hospitals and clinical laboratories, as well as for fields like forensic medicine, botany, veterinary, marine biology, and pharmaceutical testing.

With the many different entry-level healthcare jobs out there, and with all the flexible degree programs available, there is no reason to put your dreams on hold. Start your healthcare career today by calling Goodwin College at 800-889-3282. Or, visit www.goodwin.edu/landingpages/healthcare to learn why we’re a leader in healthcare education in Connecticut.