Turn Your Managers Into Leaders at Goodwin College

“I really enjoy the accelerated Management and Leadership classes at Goodwin. I can finish quicker than at other schools and get my degree in a shorter amount of time. “ — Cher Baten, Management and Leadership Student

Everyone recognizes great managers and leaders when they see them. But chances are they weren’t born that way; they learned and developed over time. For those looking to become strong leaders in their organizations—or those who want to elevate an employee into a strong manager—management training programs may be the key.

Even for those born to lead—someone whom people naturally follow and always gets results—can benefit from formal leadership training for managers. Someone who takes charges of situations, works independently, is highly organized, detail-oriented, and analytical can stop being “just a manager” and become a real leader in the workplace. With proper training leaders can blaze a trail for others, building upon their success.

A bachelor’s degree in Management and Leadership from Goodwin College will teach you what you need to know to advance within your current organization or to get your foot in the door of that company you’ve always wanted to work for.

With management and leadership training, you will learn to manage innovation, change, and talent development. You will also become experienced in the science of interpersonal skills — effective communication is the cornerstone of all successful relationships.

Upon completing the management training program, students will be able to analyze effective organizational change; integrate components of successful organizational communication across multi-cultural perspectives; assess work behavior and appraise performance management systems; incorporate and support team-building skills; assess effective organizational leadership development; and evaluate and generate organizational ethical decision-making.

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