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Is a General Studies Degree Right for You?

A college degree is highly cherished – and often required – by top employers today. According to a US News’ report, a college degree has a value of about $300,000, translating to higher earnings and greater professional success for those degree holders. But what about for those people who do not know what they want to study, or which career path they want to take? Can they still earn – and reap the benefits – of a college degree?

If you are looking to go to college, but do not want to commit to a specific major or career, you are not alone. An estimated 20 to 50 percent of students enter college undecided, and even more (75 percent) change their major during their college career. Rather than spending time in an area you do not want to pursue, you may be considering General Studies. A General Studies degree allows you to take college courses and explore different topics and vocations, with more flexibility than you’d find in a traditional degree program.

What are General Studies?

In college, General Studies is a program that embraces a broad-based education. It is not a career-focused major, such as Nursing or Accounting, but rather, an overarching degree program that covers the general skills needed to be successful in any given career. In a General Studies degree program, students learn how to think critically, communicate effectively, and integrate knowledge from an array of important disciplines – the arts, sciences, psychology, human services, and humanities are just a few.

A General Studies degree, however, is more than just a collection of multidisciplinary courses and credits. It is a carefully curated curriculum often designed by students themselves. In addition to general education courses such as Philosophy, Communications, and Global Studies, students can add flour to their curriculum by taking courses from other majors – at Goodwin College, for example, you can take classes in Early Childhood Education, Homeland Security, Business Administration, and Health Science.

What Can a General Studies Degree Offer You?

As competitive as the modern workforce is, it makes sense for aspiring professionals and job-seekers to maintain versatile skillsets and interest areas, so that they can adapt to any given career path. With a General Studies degree, you can go after careers from mathematics to marketing. You will not be limited by a certain vocation or career path.

You see, the multidisciplinary approach within the General Studies major allows you to hone a range of different skillsets and establish knowledge bases in a variety of different topics. Employers will respect your flexibility and ability to find footing when different challenges, questions, and situations arise. In addition to your degree, you will a General Studies program better able to:

  • Communicate effectively in the workplace
  • Think critically, problem-solve, and analyze
  • Interact in a multicultural environment
  • Be adept in reading comprehension, reasoning and research
  • Demonstrate competency in research modes and information technology

By having the opportunity to take different classes, you yourself will also gain a better grasp on your future goals. A General Studies degrees allows you to explore different subjects, develop your professional interests, and gain a solid understanding of which path you will take next – perhaps a Bachelor’s degree program, or a start in a specific career.

What are the Career Outcomes of a General Studies Degree?

Graduates holding a General Studies degree leave with transferrable skills and knowledge that can apply to any career. Your critical-thinking and flexibility will be valued by any employer. And, your knowledge in English, communications, computer literacy, mathematics, social science, and humanities will allow you to find success in any path you pursue next.

Which career paths are often traveled by General Studies majors, you ask? Students who earned their Associate degree in General Studies at Goodwin College have gone onto fulfill roles in:

  • Advertising
  • Business/ Business Administration
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Library Science
  • Sociology
  • Teaching
  • Writing & Editing

Who is a General Studies Degree Right For?

Truth by told, a General Studies degree can be the right choice for anyone who wants to earn a college degree – recent high school graduates, people just starting their careers, people looking to advance in their current position, or even adults looking to make a transition and try something new. No matter where you are in life, a General Studies associate degree is a good option if you are seeking this level of education. It shows prospective employers that you are disciplined and committed to your success.

The associate degree in General Studies is right for someone who is looking to explore career paths, without limiting themselves to a specialized education right away. It can equip you with an associate degree, a standard requirement for many jobs, and point you in the right direction of what to do next. It is also great for those students interested in a versatile career path such as Journalism or Library Science, that integrates a variety of different skillsets and knowledge bases on the day-to-day.

Start your career path – whatever it may be – with a General Studies degree and gain the skills needed for success in a variety of different careers. Call Goodwin College at 800-889-3282 to learn more about our General Studies associate degree program.