6 Reasons to Earn Your Master’s in Nursing

Obtaining a Master’s in Nursing could be the next big step in your healthcare career! With online learning programs such as Goodwin College’s MSN degree, opening the door to leadership opportunities, higher-paying positions, and job security has never been simpler. Designed with the working nurse in mind, Goodwin’s courses are flexible, so that you can complete your studies in tandem with your other life obligations. Some students complete their degree requirements in as few as 20 months, part-time!

Through coursework in Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Physical Assessment, Goodwin prepares nurses to make an impact on the present and future healthcare system by applying their skills. What else do experts say about the benefits of earning a Master’s in Nursing? Not only is the demand for nurses consistently strong, but the growth predicted in this field is at 26 percent – much higher than the national average. Some further, and undoubtedly great, reasons why you might consider obtaining your MSN include:

  1. Specialized Job Prospects

With a Master’s in Nursing, you can become certified in a particular area of specialization, therefore leading to more specific job opportunities. For example, you may develop skills in pediatrics, oncology, geriatrics, and more, depending on where your interests lie. In fact, in order to be a nurse practitioner, a certified nurse midwife, a clinical nurse specialist, or a nurse anesthetist, an MSN education is required.  With specialization comes leadership and the opportunity to positively contribute to communities, states, and nations, through health and education. Specialization equates to the kind of knowledge that can help shape policy within healthcare – a rewarding opportunity for nurses with passion and drive.

  1. Increased Salary

The Future of Nursing, a report published by the Institute of Medicine in 2010, states that “nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved education system that promotes seamless academic progression.” It is safe to say that the current nursing climate absolutely values higher education among nurses. Along with this statement, the report suggested that nurse practitioners and nurse midwives should be paid equally to physicians for similar procedures, and more than 50 percent of U.S. states are currently considering passing this legislation. Nurses with their MSN in specialties such as nurse anesthetist, nurse researcher, or psychiatric nurse practitioner are already consistently paid $80-$90k annually, with professions such as ‘nurse consulting’ topping out at salaries of $125k. With a baseline like that, and legislation pushing for even further increased salaries, you would without a doubt be looking at a very comfortable salary with your Master’s in Nursing degree.

  1. Flexibility and Autonomy

Both flexibility and autonomy are markers of positions in upper management, no matter your profession. As a nurse with your master’s degree, you will be certified to make many important healthcare decisions independently. Rather than having each of your moves checked on by a supervisor, your education will speak for your level of competency in making the correct choices autonomously in varying situations. Your education will also allow you to request a schedule that complements your life better. Instead of working eighteen-hour shifts, you may be able to achieve a schedule that is closer to regular business hours, leaving you more time to pay attention to your family, home improvements, hobbies and recreation, or anything else on your to-do wish-list.

  1. Teaching Abilities

Have you ever dreamed of influencing the next generation of nurses? With your MSN, you can earn certification to become an educator, and almost more importantly, a mentor. You could be that nurse who once helped you realize and fulfill your own passions as an undergraduate student in nursing. To teach and inspire younger practitioners within your field is a truly fulfilling application of your skills.

  1. Doctoral Opportunities

To truly reach your fullest potential, you may want to continue your education even beyond earning your Master’s in Nursing. The only way to work towards your Ph.D. is to achieve a master’s first. You may not decide to pursue further education until you’ve reaped the benefits of your MSN in the workforce for a while, however, it is that forward-thinking, goal-setting seed that is so necessary to keep in the back of your mind. First step, MSN. Next step, Doctorate!

  1. A Longer Career Ahead

Being a nurse is hard work physically, and a day will come when you won’t want – or be able! – to be on your feet all day. Earning further education allows you to qualify for nursing positions that are more sedentary, such as an administrative role, which may be better for your own long-term health and longevity later in life. A true dedication to one’s career is considering how one will age within their field. Considering earning your Master’s in Nursing now, is helping with your own future job security.

As you can see, there are so many positive reasons to consider going back to school for your Master’s in Nursing. At Goodwin College, we’re here to help answer any more questions you might have about this degree program, online learning, or the admission requirements. Simply get in touch by giving us a call at 800-889-3282, or visiting us online.