Crossing the MSN Bridge: 3 Tips for Success

We all know that transitions are hard. So, while you’re thinking about continuing your education, Goodwin College is here to ease some of those woes about change. In fact, crossing the bridge from your Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) to your Master’s Degree in Nursing (MSN) doesn’t have to be challenging at all! With a little research and planning, the next step in your career can be taken with confidence. For nurse practitioners seeking to cross the MSN bridge, here are three major tips for success!

1.) Goal setting. This is our top tip for success in crossing the MSN bridge, and you’ve probably already started on it! The career outcomes from an MSN are varied, but you’re likely here because you’ve already been picturing the bright possibilities for your future in nursing:

After working with children, you’ve realized you love pediatrics, or after assisting the elderly, maybe it’s geriatrics. Perhaps helping patients with mental or physical disabilities interests you most. Or, maybe you like providing immediate relief and responding quickly within acute care. Obtaining your MSN degree can help you to develop the skills to succeed in a more specific role within your specialization of choice, such as midwifery, critical care, family practice, gerontology, or anesthesiology.

Regardless of your specified interest, choosing to set out on the bridge from your BSN to your MSN gives you the competitive edge necessary for the roles that are most in-demand. It also opens the door for increased autonomy in the workplace, and gives you a higher salary potential. As NursingLink explains, the MSN is truly the nursing degree of the future, with healthcare so quickly evolving. And, with online programs like the one offered by Goodwin College, it’s never been easier to advance your nursing education. So, set out on this path by deeply considering what it is that you love most about nursing, and let us help you conquer the necessary training!

2) Applying. Once you realize how simple it is to apply, this part of the process becomes much less daunting. As part of our commitment to forwarding the careers of nurses who already have some experience, Goodwin College does not require GRE test scores for admission. We think that nurses should be rewarded by jumping right into their career after obtaining their BSN, not faulted! Students applying to the MSN program must already have achieved their bachelor’s degree, and must be fully licensed RN’s. Requirements aside, here is a check-list of the rest of the preparations you’ll need to make in order to apply:

  • Complete your graduate application online
  • Pay $50 for the application fee (non-refundable, but free for Goodwin College Bachelor’s degree graduates!)
  • Submit your official transcript
  • Provide a professional resumé
  • Show proof that you’ve been immunized

You’ll also need to write an 800-1000-word statement regarding your nursing career goals. This should be easy, since you have already put some thought into your future by researching an MSN bridge program. Additionally, you will need to have achieved three credits and a ‘C’ or better from a college-level statistics or a higher research course. Lastly, you’ll need to show that you’ve been working as nurse for at least two years.

3.) Excel in an online program! Studying online is truly the marker of a scholastic shift. The internet has completely changed the way that we approach education, and in fact, millions of people earn college degrees every year without ever stepping onto a real-life, traditional college campus. No longer do you have to sacrifice your career for higher education. No longer do you have to pick up and live somewhere else, or put a hold on your life, for college classes! With flexible online programs like Goodwin College’s MSN, you can remain a working nurse, and simultaneously achieve your Master’s degree.

Now, of course it sounds a little easier in theory than in practice, but by establishing a routine, good study habits, and a comfortable working environment, you should be prepared to excel in an online MSN program. Some helpful online learning tips from U.S. News include:

  • Make sure you understand the technology you’ll be using prior to class – so that you can troubleshoot any computer issues before they occur.
  • Connect with your professors personally.
  • Developing and dedicate yourself to a study schedule that makes sense for you alongside the other commitments in your life.

With Goodwin’s MSN, you can complete your degree requirements in as few as 20 months, even when working part-time. The bridge from your BSN to MSN can be just that simple.

With some preparation and dedication, MSN success can happen for you. You’ve made it so far by achieving your BSN degree. Aren’t you curious how far you can push your professional growth in nursing? To learn more about Goodwin College’s MSN program, give us a call at 800-889-3282, or visit