Considering a Graduate Business Degree? Think MSOL!

Are you at a juncture in your career where you need additional educational training in order to progress up the business ladder?  Or do you want to pursue a graduate business degree so that you can put yourself in a position to excel in the years to come? If you are seeking to accelerate your career, you should consider pursuing a Master’s in Organizational Leadership Degree.

A traditional graduate business degree, like an MBA, generally tends to cover the more analytical and theoretical aspects of managerial leadership.  Contemporary MBA programs often include studies in human resources, statistics, information systems, and technologies.  Although an MBA degree does include this type of managerial curriculum, studies have surprisingly found that MBA graduates tend to lack the workplace-readiness that comes with experienced based skills.

In contrast, more focused graduate business degrees, like Goodwin College’s MSOL degree, put an emphasis on the philosophy and psychology related to the managerial “people” skills needed within a company. The MSOL curriculum places high value on the human elements of business, such as communication skills, leadership approaches, and diverse workplace dynamics. With an MSOL program, students are exposed to unique and creative approaches to management that will inspire their employees and encourage them to reach their full potential. This is one of the many reasons today’s employers are continually placing a higher value on MSOL degrees.

As an MSOL degree student at Goodwin College, you will have the opportunity to take a multitude of leadership courses that provide you with in-depth knowledge to cultivate and grow your leadership skills. For example, Goodwin’s “Foundations of Leadership” course explores leadership within a variety of different entities and businesses. In this course, students hone in on specific topics related to problem-solving, conflict resolutions, and the practice of reflection in terms of leadership ability. These skills all serve as a foundation to becoming and growing as an effective leader.  Other available courses dive into specialized leadership skills like data driven decision-making for executives and applied research skills for organizational leaders.

As the next generation’s leaders of the future, MSOL graduates can have strong salary expectations. Although MSOL salaries tend to vary based on different industries and specific fields of work, graduates can have high earning potential once they earn this specific graduate business degree. For example, a human resource manager, a viable MSOL graduate career, can potentially earn a median salary of $64,565. Furthermore, MSOL graduates are well positioned to continue to make their way up the ladder as company managers and even top executives.  “As of May 2016, the median annual salary for all management occupations was $100,790.”

If you are ready to take your career to the next level and are considering pursuing a graduate business degree, consider obtaining a Master’s in Organizational Leadership. Contact Goodwin College to learn more about how an MSOL degree can help you move up the ladder. Call us at 800.353.8092 or request more information here.