Organizational Leadership Salary Information

Making the decision to take that next step in your career by obtaining an MSOL degree from a college like Goodwin College can be an exciting, but financially overwhelming time. However, there is no reason to feel overwhelmed because the type of jobs that you can land once you’ve earned your MSOL degree have high organization leadership salary potential.

You are probably wondering, what are some of those jobs and what is my earning potential for those positions? Salaries can vary based on industry, specific job position, and experience level, however, obtaining a graduate level organizational leadership degree could potentially lead to higher organizational leadership salaries in many popular careers. Here are some typical top jobs MSOL graduates can pursue, along with the accompanying salaries associated with those positions.

School Principal:
This position is an integral part of an educational district because you are not only managing all school operations, but also as it requires you to create a productive and safe learning environment for elementary, middle or high school students. The median organizational leadership salary for an elementary school principal is $79,713, increasing to a median salary of $86,741 for a middle school principal and increasing to $90,265 for a high school principal.

School Counselor:
Just a few doors down the hall from the Principal’s office is the school counselor’s office, where many organizational leadership graduates land respectable jobs as school counselors. School counselors provide guidance and leadership to students to help them develop social skills, or guide them to choose a smart educational or career path. A School counselor’s salary can vary dramatically based on school district and years of experience, however, the median salary is currently $49,000.

Postsecondary Education Administrator:
Colleges, whether big or small, have many degrees, departments and people to manage. As a postsecondary education administrator, your responsibility is to keep everything in order and moving flawlessly in a specific department at a college or universities. This requires exceptional organizational leadership skills which is also reflected in the organization leadership salary offered for this position. The median salary that an MSOL graduate could potentially earn as a postsecondary education administrator is $65,039.

Human Resources Manager:
The human resources department is an essential part of a company’s success as it works directly with employee well-being. A human resources manager, furthermore, has important responsibilities overseeing various functions such as benefits, recruiting, interviewing and hiring new employees. An MSOL degree provides HR managers with the skills needed to lead and manage every company’s greatest asset – it’s employees. A median organizational leadership salary for an HR manager is $64,565.

Sales Manager:
Being a salesperson takes tremendous people skills. But having the ability to lead and motivate a sales team to boost the bottom line not only takes people skills, but also organizational leadership skills. Sales managers work with their direct reports to guide their representatives to success by establishing goals, and helping to keep their team on track to reach their goals. An organizational leadership salary for a sales manager can differ from industry but the median salary for a general sales manager is $64,540.

Company Executive:

Many MSOL graduates make their way up the ladder to become top executives at successful companies. As a company executive, you lead the company by devising and implementing process and strategies internally and externally. That important responsibility is met with a generous salary with the median organizational leadership salary being $93,086.

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