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The Role of CNC Machine Operators in the Manufacturing Industry

CNC machinists are the present and future of the manufacturing industry. Learn why CNC machining is a significant career choice.

Connecticut’s manufacturers are leaders in making products that affect the world, including jet engines, helicopters, and submarines. But the days of the gritty factory environment are long gone. Today, computerized numerical control (CNC) machinists combine elements of mechanical design, technical drawings, mathematics, and computer programming know-how in a clean, professional environment.

Machining has undergone a dramatic shift in the last few decades, with manual machines giving way to CNC machines. Due to their speed, precision, and flexibility CNC machines have become the industry standard. With proper CNC machining training, machinists produce an enormous array of manufactured goods and work with all manners of materials, including the plastics and metals common to Connecticut’s manufacturing industry. Skilled CNC machinists track a product through each phase of its creation, from an initial concept to a fully realized item.

A CNC machine operator can transform a block of formless steel into a working part for one of the most advanced aerospace industries in the nation.

Goodwin College offers CNC Machining programs at certificate and associate degree levels. Both CNC machinist training programs integrate an understanding of the manufacturing processes, knowledge of materials, and a working comprehension of manufacturing mathematics. Students also gain competence in technical drawings, specifications, and computer-aided machining.

Combined classroom instruction and hands-on operation of Goodwin’s CNC 3-axis milling and turning machines will provide you with the knowledge and machining experience you’ll need to be successful in the industry. In this CNC machine operator training program, students gain an in-depth understanding of advanced Mastercam skills needed for programming tool location, motion, and feeds and speeds.

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