Considering an Accelerated MPH Program?

You have a desire to earn your Master’s in Public Health (MPH) degree, but do you have the years needed to invest in it? Many people feel that a master’s degree is out of reach because of the length of time required to commit to completing a graduate program. How can you solve this dilemma? With an accelerated MPH program, you can complete your degree fast while learning valuable, career-focused skills at a pace that works for you. Earning an accelerated MPH degree can be done quickly, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a graduate degree sooner!

What is an accelerated MPH?

MPH stands for Master’s in Public Health, an advanced degree that can prepare you to tackle local, national, and global issues affecting population health. If you are looking to make a major impact on community health and wellness, at a large scale, an MPH degree can help you attain this goal. With an MPH degree, you will be prepared to implement health campaigns, educational programs, population research, and accessible treatment to improve the health of the greater good.

An accelerated MPH degree is a faster type of Master’s in Public Health program that allows you to reach your career goals quickly. Accelerated MPH programs are offered in seven-week academic sessions, versus the standard, 15-week semester. This allows you to finish your degree in half the time as the traditional student and begin impacting your community quicker than you’d might expect.

How does an accelerated MPH degree work?

You may be wondering how an accelerated degree program will work specifically with your schedule and lifestyle. The accelerated MPH degree is designed to work for everyone. As noted above, accelerated programs work in seven-week semesters, meaning faster time to complete the degree. Goodwin University also offers an MPH program that is 100% online, providing added flexibility in your course schedule.

The accelerated MPH program offered at Goodwin consists of a 42-credit curriculum. You will need to take 33 core credits and 9 additional specialized credits. The curriculum focuses on research, policy, emergency management, leadership, and many other aspects of public health. Due to the accelerated pace of coursework, these classes will be more intensive than a traditional program.

At Goodwin, you can also concentrate on a specific part of the public health field by choosing from one of the three concentrations – Global Health, Community Health, or Health Policy and Management. Focusing on one concentration enables you to become an expert in that area, so you can meet your specific professional goals.

Despite being an accelerated program, MPH students can choose to complete their coursework in a full-time or part-time format. This allows them to continue working while pursuing their degree. Goodwin offers six program start dates per year, so that you can choose to enter the program at a time that works for you. No matter what your current life circumstances are, an accelerated MPH degree program can work for you.

How long does an accelerated MPH take to complete?

The biggest question you may be asking when considering an accelerated MPH, is, “Can I really earn this degree quickly?”. The answer is yes! Accelerated MPH degree programs can be completed in as little as 12-15 months! Taking accelerated classes in a seven-week format allows you to focus on one or two topics at a time. You will be able to complete the degree program quickly without missing out on any vital information.

Why should you consider an accelerated MPH program?

Every educational program aims to help you start a rewarding career, and an accelerated degree program allows you to do so faster. There are so many exciting MPH career opportunities that include:

  • Biostatistician
  • Community Health Nurse
  • Public Health Directors and Educators
  • Epidemiologist
  • Researcher
  • Health Promotion Specialist
  • Environmental Health Officer
  • Public Health Traveling Nurse
  • Non-profit Executive Director

Completing your MPH degree at an accelerated rate means that you will be launched into the workforce earlier and get to experience through these exciting jobs sooner!

The journey of earning a graduate degree may seem overwhelming. Knowing that you can earn your master’s degree quickly, however, will show you just how attainable it is. You can use the knowledge and skills learned in your MPH program to help solve public health issues. In today’s current healthcare climate, there is no shortage of public health issues, from COVID-19 policies to the opioid epidemic, and many other emerging health concerns. Alongside these issues, however, there is a growing need for public health professionals. Earning your MPH degree now will allow you to start making a difference on topics that impact you, your community, and the larger population.

Starting an accelerated MPH program is a smart investment of both your finances and time. When considering this investment, it is important to find an accelerated MPH program that is looking to work withyou and for you. Goodwin University does not require GRE scores for admission which helps streamline the admissions process. We will work with you to meet all admission requirements so that you can begin your journey towards a successful public health career.

If you are ready to start your exciting journey towards a Master’s in Public Health, reach out to Goodwin University today! For more information call 1-800-889-3282 or visit us online.