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Business Administration

Workforce Partnerships

Benefits  |  Cost Structure  |  Requirements

Goodwin College understands the challenges present in today’s workplaces. Corporate and community partnerships are one way to find effective solutions to mutual needs.

Benefits to our partners include tuition remission consideration for employees, flexibility for students, personal advising for student employees, a workforce-specific curriculum, student access to college resources, faculty research-support opportunities, and in-house training validation.

By partnering with Goodwin College, you will provide an educational benefit for your employees with the opportunity for career growth of personnel within your organization. Such a partnership also provides your organization solid motivational retention value. College and work place partnerships also build our community and foster the advancement of areas of mutual concern.

Corporate and Employee Benefits:

  • Flexibility. Goodwin College offers classes during the day, evening, weekend and online. With flexible scheduling, your personnel are more apt to engage in the college process and maintain their professional responsibilities.
  • Student responsibility. Goodwin College will invoice each employee/student directly upon course registration. The employee/student is financially responsible for all tuition and fees. Any and all tuition reimbursement programs offered by the respective partner organization will be addressed internally by each partner.
  • Academic advising. Advising services will be available for employees at convenient times throughout the year as established by the respective academic program.
  • Workforce-specific curriculum. When applicable, Goodwin College will work closely with partners to develop industry and workforce-specific curriculums to aid partners in their talent management and employee development.
  • Access to Resources. As fully matriculated Goodwin College students, each enrolled member of the partner organization will have access to all Goodwin College student resources.
  • Faculty research support. Partners may engage faculty researchers for help with internal projects as consultants or in conjunction with student research projects as availability and resources permit.
  • In-house training validation. In-house training programs provided by our partners may be assessed for college credit granted at Goodwin College through portfolio credit for life-long learning or through direct assessment of content that students may apply toward their plans of study provided the training meets the rigor of college-level work and is appropriate to the degree.
  • Linkage with the College. Partners’ organizational profiles may be linked to the Goodwin College website and/or specific program web pages.

Cost Structure:

A 25% tuition discount will be given to partnership participants, provided that they are currently in good standing with the partnership organization as demonstrated through a letter from the organization, a current membership card, a recent pay stub or some other documentation that satisfies this element of the partnership.

Workforce Partnerships Requirements:

  • Internships. Partner organizations are requested to consider hosting Goodwin student interns from time-to-time.
  • Marketing. Partners are requested to help advertise the partnership and Goodwin opportunities by distributing Goodwin College information about programs to their employees / membership through internal communication processes and/or in their company newsletters, magazines, bulletins or web pages.
  • Nothing in this agreement precludes a Goodwin College partner from establishing partnerships with other institutions of higher education. Any partnership may be voided at either partner’s request with 30 days written notification of the decision to end the partnership.

How can my organization become a workforce partner with Goodwin College?

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