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Events and Announcements

  • Navigator Discount Program - discounts for Goodwin College students, alumni, and employees
  • The administration carefully considers student safety, weather reports, and the ability to clear campus parking when deciding on inclement weather closings. Every effort is made to post closings by 7 a.m. for day classes and 3 p.m. for evening classes, but allowances must be made for changing weather and road conditions. Announcements are posted on: WFSB-TV (Channel 3), WVIT-TV (Channel 30), and WTIC-TV Fox CT (Channel 61). Students can also check the homepage of the College website, Facebook, and Twitter or call 860-528-4111. Goodwin does not use the campus emergency notification system for weather closings.
  • Classes held at 1137 and 403 Main Street and Business and Manufacturing Center (Willgoos) - Need Directions?

Get To Know Goodwin's New Employees

February 2017 new employees

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1. Danielle Noll - Degree Services Coordinator
2. Hanna Vedder - Marketing Coordinator
3. Tony Matta - College Architect and Program Manager
4. Samantha Ruggiero - Admissions Officer
5. Veronica Hills - Financial Literacy Coordinator
6. Sue Grabowski - Clinical Instructor, Nursing
7. Colleen Kim - Assistant Professor, Human Services
8. Matt Meisterling - Instructor, CNC Machining
9. Stacia Peterson - Financial Aid Counselor
10. Maggie Court - Applicant Academic Advisor
11. Melanie Hoben - Director of Workforce Development
12. Spencer Ferris - Bookstore Coordinator